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The Great Reset of the Grand Indian Wedding

As Indian weddings got bigger and busier, everyone wondered how much grander they could get. However, Covid-19 has pressed the reset button.

Many brides, grooms, and parents of the couple are disappointed that they may not have the wedding they dreamed of. Destination wedding planners are in a fix and some vendors are staring at what may be a bleak future in the short run. But for India’s dynamic wedding industry and venues, this ‘reset’ is an opportunity to explore the new and learn about the normal.


Will Wedding Packages Work?
Wedding packages priced between INR 1.5 lakh and INR 3.5 lakh are much in the news. Unlike Western countries where wedding packages are marketed by five-star hotels and luxury resorts, these packages never worked for high-spending Indians! When discerning Indians tie the knot, their 3 or 4-day celebrations were curated by a huge team of wedding specialists with a big posse of workers.

The packages advertised online and in print are not targeted at and may not appeal to the high-spending Indians. However, in the new normal, even the families who spent a huge amount on a hometown or exotic wedding will be mindful of their wedding expenditure.

Re-plan for 2021/ 2022 or Go Ahead in 2020?
Over the next few weeks, brides/ grooms and their families will take one of these decisions:

– Go ahead with a simpler or more intimate version of what was originally planned on the same (original date) or pick a fresh date.

– Re-plan for 2021 or 2022 when the situation may be different; for example, when the pandemic and social distancing guidelines due to Covid-19 may get totally lifted.

Good ‘Wedding Photography’ is Key, Post Reset?
In recent years, social media posts/ wedding photography have created new aspirations for brides and helped them and their families imagine what they want to do better or differently.

The recent ‘lockdown wedding’ images splashed in the media have pressed the ‘reset’ on wedding celebrations. Soon, rules may get a little relaxed and some families may plan creative celebrations with ‘social distancing’ norms in place!

India’s talented photographers will have a new canvas and their imaginative captures will be the new reference for Indian weddings – wherever they are held!

The Great Reset of the Great Indian Wedding

“Every mother dreams of marrying her daughter in a certain way, and that won’t change despite the challenges that come up, even if the scale changes in the short term. Virtual weddings, hence, are a short-lived trend for they can never replace the human emotions at weddings.”
Ambika Gupta, The A-Cube Project

“The wedding industry is highly unorganized, and that is its greatest strength – to adapt to the new normal. Working at different outdoor or indoor venues every day will pose a challenge to me and my teams. But with hard work, determination and grit we will succeed!”
Pradeep Chandar, Marriage Colours

“It’s all about going ‘back to your roots,’ And the rich will go back to keeping it most exclusive, with ‘touches’ that are special to them and their families. And so, every wedding will look different and slowly and gradually the shape and style will change.”
Rachana Lucknowala, Vivaah

“Candid wedding photographers and their teams will go back to doing what they did best – capturing special moments and all the emotions seen and felt at an Indian wedding. And when the new images get shared, brides-to-be will express what they want.”
Aditya Mahagaonkar, WhatKnot

“The decor at weddings may be simple or very elegant, new safety protocols at the venue are ‘hygiene,’ but the real luxury will be human interaction and music or entertainment that elevates everyone’s spirits.”
Vikram Mehta, Mpire Weddings

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