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The Tale of Two Weddings

By JaspreetSoni
Urmi and Priyanka from Surat never thought while growing up that they will get married on the same day. When the two sisters got married this year, for the family it was more than a joyous and fun experience, it was a special celebration too; in 1994 Urmi had met with a tragic generator fire accident leaving everyone shattered, both emotionally and physically. We caught up with Urmi, the spirited young woman, who talked to us about the fairy tale wedding in Surat and how to live life to its fullest.

  • Two sisters got married on the same day. Tell us more.It was of course a dream like moment. We never thought it would happen this way. My sister Priyanka was getting married to Ross and all of us were preparing for her wedding. Just two months before Priyanka’s wedding I met my to-be-husband Taral and it was decided that we should also get married on the same day.
  • Being siblings, did you and your sister exchange notes on Wedding Planning all the time?The funny thing is we did not have any arguments. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. My sister had left it all to me and our mother. She said, “I know I am putting my wedding-related responsibilities in the best hands!” I had to force her to give her opinion and feedback. Fortunately, she loved everything we picked.
  • The wedding not only was larger than life but also a mix of cultures, right?It was full of magical experiences, not only for us but for all the guests and every time I see the photographs captured by our Candid Photographer AvantikaMeattle I smile, laugh or have tears in my eyes. My sister has fallen in love with this extraordinary man who always makes her feel precious. This was the first time in my family two cultures were coming together. We didn’t think it would be so easy to make Ross and his family to feel welcome. But they blended so well, all the more impressive since it was their first time in India. We all had the best times of our lives.
  • You have been through an experience which left its scars and what I found most inspiring was that uninhibited beautiful smile on your face. Tell us a little about your journey.So far, my journey has been great with God’s blessings. There have definitely been many ups and downs, but if life was smooth and happiness filled only, we would not value it as much as we should. There is always a period in everyone’s life in which they have to start learning to appreciate life. For me, that period started at a very young age. Right after the fire in 1994, our lives completely changed; nothing was the same anymore. There are times I still wonder how beautiful I would have looked if I didn’t have these scars; it makes me feel sad temporarily, but I can’t stop living and enjoying, because of that one experience. We all have to learn to live again. My father always taught us to see the better side of everything. It’s amazing how love and care by your family members can do wonders. My family gave me the strength to be strong and positive. I am a very spiritual person so faith in God played a major part in keeping me happy and positive. I have been living and working in the US since sometime, and I think society has a major role to play in making you who you are. Maybe if I would have stayed in India, I wouldn’t have been as confident as I am –despite all the love and support of my family. America taught me that no matter how different I am from the majority,I can still live life to the fullest. Here, people taught me to see beautiful side of me, with my scars. If it weren’t for my family, faith in god and all my experiences here I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

Wedding planner: Evolution Events & Entertainment

Photographs Courtesy:
Avantika Meattle

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