The Wedding Filmer Mini Series

It is human nature to want to freeze a magical moment, turn it into art – a painting, a photograph, a song, a story, a film – that encapsulates the ephemeral energy, the emotion so it can be revisited and relived again, in all its glory.

Wedding documentation specialists, The Wedding Filmer, don’t believe merely capturing an image is the same as capturing a memory. They seek to understand what makes a moment special – to understand people, what makes them laugh, cry, feel love and joy – and then be able to choose and use the perfect medium to relive those moments. The team works at honing their skill at capturing precious moments as they play out and constantly innovate to make those recollections more perfect, more evocative.

The Wedding Filmer

One of their latest innovations it the incredible Mini-Series! Unprecedented until now, the Mini-Series is very much part of the short-film format that is trending internationally. How do they do it? The mini-series features episodes of each ceremony, cut with interviews and testimonials for maximum impact in the most efficient time frame. The best part? Each mini-series is tailor-made to encompass the very best of one’s wedding functions, the delivery time is shorter and the process is much more cost-effective.

The Wedding Filmer

The length of a film is hardly an indication of how good it would be. What matters is the content. So from catching the madness in the frame, hinting at the underlying emotional undercurrents amidst the festivities, The Wedding Filmer knows how to stitch it all into a beautiful tapestry of memories.

The mini-series features videos that are crisp, short and powerful and have all the cinematic magic that The Wedding Filmer is famous for.

The Wedding Filmer

Details of the package:
The Wedding Filmer Mini Series features a tight, super efficient crew of 4 – 1 director, 3 cinematographers – resulting in an even more unobtrusive documentation and lower costs.

The number of episodes depends on the number of events and the structure of the wedding.

The Mini Series pricing starts at INR 3,00,000 for 1 day, INR 5,00,000 for 2 days and INR 7,00,000 for 3 days (excluding service tax as applicable). But then again, no two weddings are the same and the prices depend on the task at hand and other variables.

Deliverables include:
1) A series of short films, each not more than 5-10 minutes (depending on the length and structure of each event).
2) A trailer – 3-5 minutes long
3) Special features they may capture: this includes full sangeet performances, speeches, bloopers etc.
4) A hard drive with all the raw footage captured throughout the wedding sorted by day and events for their convenience.


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