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This Splendid Wedding Ceremony Was A Celebration Bathed In Luxury

Spring and new beginnings were evoked with a venue festooned in cherry blossom and gorgeous white blooms. A light, bright palette, delicate little details and pops of saturated color along with love and laughter, were all key elements in the story WeddingSutra Favorite Reels & Frames conveyed through their beautiful pictures. But at the heart of all the beautiful decorations, the lively ambience and the festivities was the palpable love the couple share. Locking eyes, tenderly touching, their swoon-worthy chemistry was all kinds of goals.

Aayushi and Shalin’s wedding day planned by WeddingSutra Favorite Purple Chariot Weddings was just magical.

Here are a few photos from their big day that are sure to tug at your heartstrings!

This Splendid Wedding Ceremony Was A Celebration Bathed In LuxuryLook at that laugh! No last minute jitters for this handsome groom.

Which makes sense when you see the beautiful bride he’s waiting for.

Hands up in the air! Here comes the groom!

Flanked by her band of brothers, Aayushi is beautiful and poised as she makes her way to the mandap.

Shalin wins everyone’s heart as he bows down to love as well as to the love of his life!

That locking of eyes! That smile! Swoon!

Quiet tenderness in a fleeting moment, frozen in a timeless frame

This is the way you walk into the future.

He may now kiss the bride!

Bringing to you the prettiest picture from their wedding…

…along with the madness behind the scenes!

The Wedding Makers
Wedding Planner: Purple Chariot Weddings
Makeup Artist: Pakhi Pahuja
Photographer: Reels & Frames

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