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To Thailand! For an unforgettable spree with your squad!

Take your bridesmaids on an unforgettable bachelorette trip to Thailand!

Sure, you can always have a perfect hen-night and paint the town red with your BFFs. But if you’re likely to be a squad of feisty young women, you’ll want to add a little adventure to that plan and enjoy the trip like a carefree single before settling down to married life!

girls getaway in thailand

Ready for some serious party inspiration? Follow MTV’s VJ Anusha Dandekar, the hip, young, Aussie-born Mumbaikar as she goes on a fun trip with her BFFs to one of the most welcoming places on earth – Thailand. She says. “I have been to Thailand over 50 times during my career at MTV Asia – we shot there all the time. I’ve tried all the food. It’s one of my favorite places and despite having visited so many times, it never gets old for me,”.

Follow this gorgeous video of Anusha, with her two besties, as they set out on a bachelorette trip to Thailand where they went zip lining and kayaking, savored the local cuisine, hit the night spots, went island hopping, indulged in spa treatments, went on a shopping spree and lived it up! Thailand is definitely an all-star location for bachelorette getaways for girls who wanna have fun!

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