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Top 10 Things to Do in New Zealand

So, you’re planning a New Zealand Honeymoon? Great idea! For the more adventurous, new-style romantics, New Zealand offers uniquely extraordinary expereinces. Here, www.atravelduet.com, India’s popular Honeymoon Travel Specialists have put together the list, and after reading this we’re sure you’ll want to Escape to New Zealand for your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway soon.

1. Auckland for Foodies:
For the natives, food is an experience to be savoured. For those in Auckland, grab your shopping bags, wake up early and visit the farmer’s market for handmade bread, honey fresh from the bees, flavoured olive oil, a variety of cheeses and much more- the experience is sure to leave your taste buds tingling. You could also enroll yourself for a short cooking lesson, receive recipe suggestions or go on a tailor made food and wine tour. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

2. Luxury Lodges
Have you ever wanted to lose sense of time? Book yourself for a luxury lodge stay in New Zealand and understand what bespoke truly means. These sprawling properties with personalized services will not just cater to your needs but will delight you at every step with the kind of experiences that they have on offer. Have brunch on the mountains, go horse riding during the day, spend the evening at a private beach with fine wine or simply laze around exploring heritage properties. Let your imagination take a dreamy ride.

3. Walking Trails
If walking hand in hand through valleys and lakes is your idea of a picture perfect postcard then book yourself for a walking trail in the misty Milford tracks of South Island or opt for the Togariro Alpine Trail in North Island. For those wanting to experience the beauty without spending days on the walk, there are shorter guided tours available. Most hotels and lodges will be able to guide you about walking trails in their town – seek their support and step out for some sunshine.

4. Heli-Photo Tours
Whether you’re trying to woo your missus or want to feel like a celebrity on your holiday, you cannot miss A Travel Duet’s heli photo tours. Allow us to whisk you on a chopper to a spot unknown with a professional photographer in tow. With a wine and cheese platter by your side, and the sun sliding across the skyline, all you need is a button to freeze time.

5. Napier’s Art Deco Tours
Once destroyed in an earthquake, this little town is a result of some magical restoration. Explore the city rebuilt in Art Deco style of the 1930’s – architecture and culture buffs are sure to swoon over the vintage style. Other attractions include museums, antiques and Maori art galleries coupled with some fine boutique wineries in the region.

6. Beach Hopping at Coromandel Coast
With the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, some secluded beaches and warm natives the Coromandel is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. You can explore Cathedral Cove by boat, or settle down and spend the evening at a hot water beach. A walk around the coast is equally inviting. On a lucky day, you might find perfect reflections on the beach.

7. Intimate cruising in Doubtful Sound
Pick a private cabin, hold a glass of bubbly and watch the Fiords come alive. Experience solitude or enjoy some kayaking. Wildlife enthusiasts will be greeted by seals, penguins and dolphins.

8. Canyon Swing
Fasten your chest belts, hold your loved one and take the leap of faith! A tandem canyon swing is an adventurous cliff jump which is a great alternative to bungee jumping. With several different styles of jumping and an unmatchable adrenaline rush, this is a ride that will make thrill seeking couples ask for more.

9. Wine tours in Martinborough
Welcome to a town that is passionate about food and wine. Our recommendation is that you do a wine tour and spend the afternoon having a picnic lunch at one of the boutique wineries. Take it slow and spend some quality time bicycling around the region.

10. Hot Pools
Imagine being under the night sky sprinkled with stars, clouds slowly drifting over mountains as you slowly sink into a hot tub with your loved one under the watchful eyes of aromatic candles. Pamper yourself and soak in one of the most fantastic experiences that New Zealand has to offer. Most resorts, lodges and hotels provide the facility of hot pools – some facing the lake or mountains or in an open backyard. With a bottle of bubbly, this is a must-do on our list.

Visit www.atravelduet.com for more ideas and advice, and to start planning your holiday

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