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Top 5 indulgences in Fiji

If you’re a couple who has always wanted to escape to an island for your honeymoon then you’re at the right place. The view that greets you as you descend on a strip of lush green amidst a gigantic pool of blue is quite jaw dropping. Yes, that’s how landing in Fiji is like. So how do you make your island stay all the more idyllic? We’ve selected a set of indulgences that are sure to help you plan your honeymoon in Fiji.

The Couple Spa
There’s no better way to beat the wedding stress than at a private rejuvenation session. Isn’t it all the more relaxing when you have a waste expanse of ocean and complete privacy as you and your better half unwind and let the expert masseurs take over? With private plunge pools and all-inclusive jacuzzis, you can choose to detox in the comforts of your villa itself.

Champagne Brunch
Pristine blue beaches encircle all of Fiji’s private island resorts. Feel at home as you discover little secluded corners surrounding your resort and put your feet up on the clear white sands. Relax with the choicest champagne by your side and spend the day reading or take a snooze as you hear the gentle waves crashing nearby.

Secret Swim-outs
While your personal plunge pool is a reason enough to laze in your villa, we urge you to step out amidst Fiji’s lesser-explored sites. Hop on a kayak or get into a snorkel gear and experience the extraordinary variety of marine life and coral reefs.

A Sailboat siesta
Set sail on a private sailboat to get a taste of the ultimate seclusion. Plan a romantic sunset cruise with a meal on-board or you could opt for a daylong sailing experience halting at beaches and opting for some light water sports.

Underwater Expeditions
Fiji’s coral and lush lagoons offer perfect settings for exploring another world in itself. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned diver, take the plunge while you’re here. The more daring should try diving with the sharks, a perfectly safe activity in this part of the world.

The island of Fiji is home to several such unique experiences. To plan a perfect Fijian honeymoon email bliss@atravelduet.com

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