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Turn your bachelorette into a dream shopping spree with your besties in Paris!

The City of Love, Paris, is also the city of lights, history, fashion, gastronomy and so much more! With the copious diversions that the capital of France has to offer, it invites brides along with their squads to experience its splendor just as much as it invites honeymooners to indulge in romance. This indeed is a destination for every occasion and a bachelorette trip here with your favorite girls is sure to add a hearty dose of enchantment to the days that lead up to your wedding!

bachelorette in ParisPhoto Courtesy: il ‘etait un pixel

While Paris is always a good idea, when trying to look for the perfect way to spend some well deserved time with your bridesmaids, it only gets better around the holiday season. The city is host to a number of party spots, each one of which offers something unique. L’Arc Paris welcomes jetsetters from around the world into a Parisian mansion that affords views of the Arc de Triomphe; Operating from the basement of a historic shopping mall since early 1920s, La Java is a club that has seen performance by Édith Piaf, Django Reinhardt, Sanseverino, Holden, and Alice Lewis; For those who find themselves drawn to a city’s underground music scene, Paris has Supersonic, a spot located in an old factory that guarantees a great time.

bachelorette in Parisphoto courtesy: Gotha Club

bachelorette in paris
bachelorette in paris

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bachelorette in parisPhoto Courtesy: Nataly Jennings
bachelorette in parisPhoto Courtesy: Kelseyy Barnes


Clubs, however, aren’t the only nocturnal experiences that you will chance upon here – once the blanket of stars covers the sky, the Point Éphémère by the Canal Saint-Martin comes to life as musicians, dancers, artists, and friendly locals make their way to the area; Le Comptoir Général, on the other hand, is a restaurant and bar that is nothing short of an art museum with its magpie-style interiors and antique displays. A few other places that must make it to your list are Miss Kô, a restaurant that doesn’t just serve authentic Japanese cuisine, but a holistic experience that transports you to this Asian nation; Le Perchoir, a rooftop restaurant and bar which overlooks the Sacré-Cœur and even houses a little garden with grapevines as well as cozy pergola; and MANKO-PARIS, a fine dining restaurant that serves and celebrates a delectable Peruvian fare.

While Paris’ scintillating nightlife indeed attracts attention and appreciation from the world over, if this isn’t exactly what you and your girls are after, you can catch a whiff of pure luxury as you create your own signature perfume at Fragonard, a luxe perfumery that was established in 1926 or pamper yourselves at the Dior Institut at the Plaza Athenee, Dior’s only Spa in all of Europe.



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Milestone occasions call for a bottle of champagne and in order to celebrate your impending wedding, you and your squad can sample this sparkling spirit at Dilettantes – a champagne house and cellar that is dedicated to over more than 130 rare and authentic champagnes from the Grand Cru vineyards. However, for those who prefer the cup that cheers but not inebriates, a truly Parisian tea experience anticipates their arrival in Le Lobby at The Peninsula Paris. The large room is a fine example of Belle Epoque architecture that takes its visitors to the late 1800s in a matter of moments. Brides who have a more private soirée in mind will find sailing upon the Seine on a private yacht from Yachts de Paris the perfect way to experience this city and its wonders in the exclusive company of her girls. Between the wonderful weather, scrumptious cuisines, visits to some of the world’s most recognized sights and numerous shopping escapades, you’re sure to find some of the most memorable moments you will ever create together right here.

DilettantesDilettantes – authentic champagnes from the grand cru vineyards

The Peninsula ParisLe Lobby at The Peninsula Paris

Yachts de ParisPhoto Courtesy: N.Buisson

As the fashion capital of the world, Paris’ roster of boutiques of the industry’s most coveted designer labels is indeed unbeatable. However, what truly makes the experience of indulging in retail therapy here is a visit to La Vallée Village. Inspired by the style and layout of the historic villages in the surrounding Île-de-France region, this shopping haven, is indeed a style haven for the fashion-forward bride. With more than 110 boutiques of the most luxurious brands, a walk through its pathways opens up a world of luxury couture.

fashion capital of the world, Paris

fashion capital of the world, Paris

Its low-rise buildings and cobbled stone streets give an intimate feel to this expansive shopping destination just outside of Paris. However, La Vallée Village offers more than just shopping; it extends the promise of luxury experiences and the taste of Parisian fare. With a number of cafés and restaurants, as well as the art gallery, your day here will truly be a treat for all your senses.

restaurantPhoto Courtesy: Tripzilla

In order to steep your day in luxury a little further, the Village extends a number of services that are sure to heighten the joy of bringing home some of your favorite luxury finds.

Take a look at how you can expect your day here to shape up:

09:30 am: Board the Shopping Express – A shuttle service managed by La Vallée Village, it picks you up from 2 Rue des Pyramides and brings you to this shopping destination.

10:10 am: Arrive at the Welcome Center – Expect warm greetings by their multilingual staff and gain access to your complimentary wi-fi.

10:30 am: Breakfast at Pret A Manger – Grab a gourmet sandwich along with your organic coffee prepared by an expert barista and plan your shopping with your besties.

11:00 am: Begin your tax-free shopping experience – To enjoy 12% of tax-free on the already reduced prices at La Vallée Village, you must be a non-resident of the EU and traveling in France for less than six months.

01:00 pm: Lunch at Menu Palais – Stop by at this restaurant that promotes the way of the French as well their cuisines and indulge in some authentic epicure while you rest your feet from a morning of shopping.

01:45 pm: Resume shopping and go hands-free–Take along with you an appointed assistant who will carry around your purchases. Your squad will love having their hands free to Instagram their shopping!

04:00 pm: Visit “The Apartment” – Drop in at the VIP Lounge to catch a break. You could even redeem air miles while at the Village.

05:00 pm: Step in the stylish Amorino – Cool off with traditionally prepared gelato in a waffle cone or even a scoop of sorbet. Don’t forget to take a group shot with your gals and gelatos!

06:45 pm: Hop on to the Shopping Express once again– Take a seat in the Village’s shuttle after an exciting day to return to the heart of Paris for more adventures with your besties. Oh, and before you leave, don’t forget to go to the Tax Free Lounge to collect your refund in cash!

If you’re planning a Parisian sojourn this season there are a number of offers that await you. Here’s a list of them all so that you can mark your calendars!

La Vallée Village Shopping Calendar

31st October – 11th November 2019 – Exclusive sales with up to 60% off on a number of brands with the Village scheduled to be open till late night on 1st November until 10 PM

29 November – 2nd December 2019 – Black Friday sale with up to 60% off, with the Village scheduled to be open till late night on 29th November until 10 PM

26th to 31st December 2019 – Private sales with up to 60% off, with the Village scheduled to be open till late night on 26th December until 10 PM

Exceptionally open on 1st January 2020 (noon to 8 PM) to start sales until 26th January 2020 with up to 70% off, one week ahead of national sales

The Village will be closed on 25th December 2019

And at the end of it all, there’s an exclusive shopping invitation waiting for you here!

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