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An unexpected wedding proposal to which he couldn’t help but say ‘yes!’

For Harshita and Gaurav, a single date was enough for them to realize that they were meant to be together for a lifetime. With Harshita’s perseverance and destiny’s intervention, this duo took their first step towards a journey of a lifetime in an all-inspiring romantic proposal that had a healthy dose of nostalgia and laughter.

How they met
Harshita recalls, “We met through a dating app and at that time, neither of us was exactly looking for ‘love’. I just think that we were destined to meet each other. Our first meeting was so sudden that it was almost accidental. Once we met, it just wasn’t enough. We started meeting every day, sometimes even 2-3 times a day. It’s true, distance does make the heart grow fonder! And we realized that when I went on vacation and ended up staying apart for six straight days. A few days later, we realized that we had fallen for each other.”

“Soon after we realized our love for each other, we told our families about our marriage plans. And just like a typical protective dad, my father didn’t agree at first. It took a lot of convincing and time to get him to say ‘yes’. When he finally agreed, I knew I had to make it special for Gaurav. So, I decided to propose to him in the most unexpected way. We always discussed how we fell in love by just texting each other on those days that we couldn’t meet. This spurred me on to make a book that compiled a screenshot of all our chats from the dating app until the day we confessed our love to each other. The last page had the question ‘will you marry me?’ on it. I then wrapped it up and put a sticker on it that said, ‘daddy said yes!’

To set the mood, I decorated the terrace with dreamy fairy lights and white balloons. But tricking him to come to my place was actually the most challenging part. It took me two weeks to find the perfect excuse! But his reaction was worth the wait.
I think women should also take the initiative sometimes, to make their man feel special. After all, why should boys have all the fun?”, shares Harshita.

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Photographer: Prianko Biswas

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