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Veyobox- Capture Memories, Together. Create the most Comprehensive Wedding Album.

Veyobox, a new iOS app/website that has just been launched last month, is an easy and user-friendly platform that allows you to collaboratively capture, find, re-live, and share special moments and wedding memories with your family and friends. With adding your selected people as collaborators, they can access the shared data from their iPhone or their computer using the Veyobox website. They can also upload their own pictures, videos and more, helping you to create the most comprehensive wedding album.

The Veyobox collection can also be a live stream where someone who couldn’t make it to the wedding can look at it as the wedding is going on. Instead of having islands of moments scattered in various places, Veyobox lets you manage them in one single product.

K.Anand, a groom-to-be who’s tying the knot soon, is all set to use Veyobox for his wedding. He says, “As you think about the special moments in life, the first thing that comes to mind are the pictures of those occasions. However, as we search our computers or online sources, we realize that finding the picture we are looking for and sharing it with relevant people requires rummaging through hundreds of files. I loved Veyobox because it addresses this specific need- allowing photos to be tagged on different parameters and making them easy to sort, identify, share, collaborate and access on multiple devices.”

To try the Veyobox app on an iPhone (also installs on iPads):
1. Download the FREE app from iTunes
2. Login: ‘demowedding@veyobox.com’. Password: demo123. Or you can create your own account

The web version of the app offers all the same functionalities. To use the web version:
1. Go to www.veyobox.com
2. Login: ‘demowedding@veyobox.com’. Password: demo123. Or you can create an account

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