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VV Weddings shares its take on the upcoming wedding trends of 2021 and how Indian weddings have adapted to the future

Dynamic and vibrant, the Indian wedding industry has witnessed tremendous change in the year 2020 as the pandemic raged on. To align with the new set of pandemic protocols, guest lists were shortened and indulgences curtailed. However, this did not deter creativity from prevailing as couples and vendors collaborated to orchestrate weddings which, despite being small and intimate, were ingenious.

As the year 2021 commences, new trends brighten up the horizon promising an exciting and innovative year ahead. Neha Seth Arora, a renowned name in the field of wedding planning and the co-founder, partner, and CEO of VV Weddings uses her vast experience to give us enlightening insights into the wedding trends to expect in the year 2021.

VV Weddings

1. With almost a decade of experience in the dynamic landscape of Indian weddings, VV Weddings is known for its versatility. Can you share last year’s journey and how have you as wedding planners coped with the pandemic?

The year 2020 was a virtual rollercoaster ride filled with Phygital Weddings. Given the unprecedented situation, a significant number of people adopted the digital route with Zoom nuptials. Not only marriages, but we also witnessed a boom in online events like concerts, launches, and more. The pandemic did throw us in a tizzy, but we were quick to respond to the changing dynamics and adapted quickly based on the need of the hour.

The advantage of our field is being able to plan a wedding end-to-end from anywhere with the convenience of a computer or a smartphone. Anything that is digital is time-saving, cost-effective, and practical. With regard to weddings, a lot of planning and preparation is possible virtually at least during the initial stages. From showcasing venues to stationers, floral designers to photographers, practically any appointment can be achieved virtually. While elaborate weddings may be an eventuality, we believe that the virtual game with precise planning will continue to stay on course in the future.

2. What kind of wedding trends do you think will be embraced in the year 2021?

Some top trends that we foresee for the year 2021 include:

● Personalized Intimate Weddings: Creating special moments for family and friends has become a focal point this wedding season. With some weddings being downsized, one can see more guest-centered elements, like welcome kits, including personalized hand sanitizers, masks, programs and innovative details being shared.
● Vocal for Local: Supporting local suppliers, vendors or artisans has taken precedence more than ever before. With events that are innately more sustainable and modest, couples are realizing that it is vital to back small businesses and work with brands that are aligned with their values.
● Conscious Weddings: Couples are knowingly looking forward to making their big day a generous one. From the wedding attire to floral arrangements, décor to food; the changing landscape has paved a pathway for minimizing waste, which in turn, is helping them give back to society.

VV Weddings

3. For Indian weddings, entertainment has always been a topmost priority. How do you think the pandemic has affected that perception and what kind of changes do you foresee on the horizon for wedding entertainment in 2021?

No function is ever complete without entertainment. Even in this virtual era of celebrations, one cannot do away with the novelty of having the right entertainers performing at a wedding. From foot-tapping music played by your favorite DJs to acoustic bands, live entertainment is also stepped up with illusionists, caricaturists, cocktail bars, and karaoke. It is also a great opportunity to invite an admired celebrity singer or performer to uplift your special day and make your guests swoon with pleasure while staying socially distanced all the same.

That being said, personalizing entertainment has become a recent phenomenon that offers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Couples are now drawing inspiration from movies, social media, or their favorite shows. Also, it has become more popular for brides and grooms to be equally involved in the performances.

4. From lavish to a sudden switch to minimalistic, wedding decor has quickly adapted to the pandemic era and the strict guidelines that come with it. What kind of decor trends do you think will reign supreme in 2021?

Comfort, minimalism, and sustainability would possibly describe the wedding décor moment for 2021. Opting for ‘less is more’ creates a vibe that is comforting and inviting at the same time. Also, sourcing and working with local suppliers will continue to see a surge, as planners would prefer to work with vendors that are closer to home. E-commerce is another fantastic avenue to explore as it’s convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, a sustainable wedding touch is a trend we have observed that makes full use of responsibly sourced products, eco-friendly décor, and greener options being considered when it comes to catering, invites, and more.

VV Weddings

5. Do you think the pandemic has brought about a permanent change in the ‘big fat Indian wedding’ mindset?

While the pandemic has posed a challenge, it has not deterred Indians from planning an extravagant yet intimate and personalized wedding. While the guest list may have shrunk, it has pushed couples to refocus on other significant elements of the wedding such as food, venue options, or décor. It has reinstated the concept of staycation weddings with multiple functions planned at an offbeat destination bringing the entire circle of family and friends together. We have seen a possible paradigm shift towards intimate yet ‘big fat Indian weddings’ with couples finding solace in royal palaces and heritage homes who’re opening their doors to host a close-knit ceremony. Royal residences have shown preparedness by catering to this audience and offered a lot more exclusivity than well-established luxury hotels in the pandemic era.

6. Every wedding planner has their own signature style of executing weddings. How would you describe VV Weddings’ style?

Our style focuses on blending the unique personality of the couple with our technique in order to transform a story into a stunning spectacle. With us, our clients take center stage as we listen closely to each of their requirements and try our best to make every wish come true. To sum it up, we’re the wingman you always wanted…like a boss!

VV Weddings

7. If there was one piece of expert advice you’d have to give to a couple tying the knot in 2021, what would it be?

The pandemic has given planners as well as couples an insight into making the most out of the wedding planning experience. My advice would be to choose the right venue for the big day. Whether within city limits or at an exotic destination, ensuring you have locked in on the location well in advance saves you a lot of stress. Also, scaling down does not mean a wedding cannot be grand.

Get a planner on board at the very beginning and let them take on the stress of planning the most extraordinary moment of your life. Additionally, couples should unapologetically be themselves and get creative with the format, location, events, fashion, décor, and just about anything.

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