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Watch the journey of a father and his daughter come alive in this heartwarming ‘Shaadi by Marriott’ film

‘Shaadi by Marriott’ elegantly showcases a suite of wedding services across the exclusive Marriott hotels in India with its short film-  ‘Letters to Dad’, that touches upon the father-daughter relationship in a moving way as she gets ready to tie the knot.

Weddings are universally recognized as landmark events in people’s lives all around the world. Little wonder then that they are also marked, celebrated and captured in special ways so that the memories stay fresh even years later. Weddings are also landmark events because of the emotional journeys that are undertaken in each one – whether it is the joy of welcoming a new family member in the form of a new bride or groom, or bidding one’s child adieu as they leave one home to set up another.

Weddings signify a new chapter in a couple’s lives, but turning the page is never easy when it comes to relinquishing the past. These beautiful sentiments are captured in ‘Shaadi by Marriott’ – a film that traces the journey of a father as he gets ready to become a father-in-law and bless his little girl as she embarks on a new phase in her life. It is also the journey of a daughter for whom her father has been the most important man in her life – until now.

The film starts with father and daughter driving to the wedding, and she reads her first letters to him as a child. He has lovingly kept each and every childish moment capturing her big fears when she was a little girl. He also gives her a letter which he has written, sharing how she will always be his little girl – that is the essence of the film which is bound to make viewers teary.

The stunning spaces of the Marriott play host to multiple events – and emotions – during the course of the film which is all about memories, the present and the future where a father still promises to have his daughter’s back.

The audio narrative takes place in the background as various events unfold in the beautiful spaces of the Marriott hotel. From the magnificent staircase where the bride makes an entrance to the breezy poolside of the mehndi, the modern accents of the glitzy lobby to the formal dining spaces – every area has a special significance in the story. Even the magnificent corridors of the hotel are imbued with meaning as the bride makes her way through them on the way to the pheras under a floral ‘chaadar’ (canopy) carried over her head by her loved ones.

There is a tangible emotional connect with the brand and the film ends with the tagline – “You don’t just get married at the Marriott. You live every moment with us”.

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