Weaving Wonder into Weddings: Impressario Inc on Indian Nuptials in Singapore

Couples who are all about contemporary aesthetics and lively celebrations will hardly ever come across a country more fitting for their wedding than Singapore. A sought-after tourist hotspot, Singapore is increasingly becoming a popular destination for Indian weddings.

Impressario Inc is one of Singapore’s leading wedding and event management companies that provides an innovative outlook and an advanced approach to wedding planning and event management. They believe in taking their clients by the hand and walking them through each step of the planning process to create nuptials that are truly special for the couple and their loved ones.

Satish Punjabi of Impressario Inc talks to us about their take on Indian weddings that take place there.


Which is the one location in Singapore that you love planning weddings at and why?

“Our team loves planning weddings so that they could be held anywhere. Most of the Indian weddings we’ve planned and managed have been conducted at Gurdwaras or Hindu temples. These are great for traditional celebrations and fuss-free occasions. However, besides religious venues, Singapore offers some exceptional indoor and outdoor wedding locations. For indoor functions, we enjoy working with hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, and Fairmont Singapore. We’ve also hosted outdoor celebrations at Hotel Fort Canning that offers versatile options for couples tying the knot.”


What makes Singapore the ideal destination for an Indian wedding?

“The list is endless! For one, Singapore is located right in the heart of Asia which makes it convenient for guests to fly in. To add to it, since it is a popular tourist destination, hosting a wedding here not only adds to the excitement that surrounds the wedding but also ensures that the guests have ample activities to indulge in. Singapore makes for an ideal destination for city weddings, and the choices of venues at a couple’s disposal are vast. Want an indoor wedding? We’ve got a huge variety of locations for you. Hoping for an outdoor function? You’re covered.”

What are some of your favorite venues in Singapore for a Mehndi, sundowner cocktail party and a wedding?

“For a mehndi and sundowner cocktail party, it would be the Singapore Swimming Club and Lantern at The Fullerton Bay Hotel respectively. As for the wedding, I would choose any one of the hotels I mentioned earlier depending on the mood that we are trying to achieve. The Gurdwara or the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple are great picks for a traditional wedding ceremony.”


Any great stories of working with a client?

“We have so many! One recent story, however, is of this intercultural wedding where the bride and her sister approached us to plan the wedding. Their requests were simple – they wanted fuss-free decorations with no flowers or drapes, just some fancy fairy lights to be used across the venue. Just one week short of the actual event day, the bride’s father and sister dropped by and requested us to ramp up the decorations. It was a father’s wish to see a beautifully decorated venue for his daughter’s sangeet. He knew that his daughter wanted a simple affair, but the family believed she deserved much more. What followed was a mad rush. Our team put their heads together and came up with a quick solution to meet the revised requirements. The bride and groom had booked the venue for two events back-to-back, so we improvised with the decor that we had created for the wedding and transformed a simple mandap setup to a glitzy celebration with an amazing dance floor within hours. The best part? The bride’s reaction when she entered the hall. She was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t stop gushing at our quick turnaround. It’s exactly what we work towards here at Impressario Inc – events that leave people impressed.”


Which is the best wedding you have planned?

“We can’t choose. However, if I had to pick one, I go with the weddings where we used a range of amazing colors throughout the celebrations. From a pastel-colored solemnization ceremony to a bright-colored mehndi and a muted-hued wedding, we explored a vast variety of shades. Regarding capacity, the biggest wedding we’ve done had over 1,000 guests!”


What are some of the greatest strengths of Impressario Inc?

“Our team takes pride in the level of commitment we offer our clients and the dedication with which we work to meet their requirements. We love coming up with fresh, creative ideas as we truly believe that every wedding should be different from the last one we did.”


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