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Wedding entertainer DJ Nitesh takes us on a spin of his musical journey around the world

Winning over crowd after crowd of entranced guests with his remarkable beats, DJ Nitesh has been making waves in the local and global entertainment scene since the tender age of 17. Effortlessly transitioning between commercial pop, RnB, afro beats, house, and Bollywood, he is a connoisseur of good vibes and hits the right notes every single time. Having scored over 500 weddings, DJ Nitesh has carved a niche in the global South Asian wedding market and is sure to add a generous dollop of fun to your festivities.

Crafting perfect musical sets in tune with global chart-toppers and local trends that send the crowds into a frenzy, he is the musical maestro every couple covets for their dream wedding. Today, he takes us on a spin of his journey so far, and shares his insights about curating the perfect wedding playlist.

DJ Nitesh

Tell us a bit about your journey. What inspired you to become a DJ?
“The inspiration to become a DJ was borne out of my need to channel my teenage angst into something apart from MSN. I was one of those kids who had a hobby that seemed slightly more compulsive than those around me. Around the time I was 15, I always found myself spending my time listening to music endlessly for hours on end. I was notorious for getting caught recording cassettes of spin-doctor, section 7, and Asian underground music from late-night radio shows. As I grew older my interest and natural aptitude for music evolved into what eventually became my profession.

DJ Nitesh
DJ Nitesh

How would you describe your style of music? Who or what has been your biggest artistic influence?
“I would use the words intuitive and adaptive. I mold my music to the energy the crowd is putting out, thinking of it as a smoothie of what everyone craves in bits and pieces on different occasions. However, regardless of the style, I feel the most important thing is to stay original, and never replicate anyone else’s persona. Dying a copycat’s death is the worst way for a DJ to dwindle.
Growing up the EDM scene was a massive influence on what I tried to lean into. Fedde Le Grand & Laidback Luke were huge inspirations that got me curious and involved in the music. A lot of my senior DJs also acted as guides and gurus for me in my journey to improve my craft.”

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced when you first started out. How did they help you evolve as an artist?
“I was blessed to have a supportive family that sought to see me succeed at this. The career path of being a DJ is often not seen in South East Asian families as a reliable or long-term plan, and many don’t get the support of their families in their journey, which I have always been mindful of.
I did of course face my fair share of ups and downs in my journey to make a name in this industry. Starting off young came with challenges of credibility. Walking in looking as young as I did, people found it hard to trust that I would know how to work the crowd and deliver an entertaining night. Social Media was not booming back then, so getting your work out there was more difficult. I’ve also had to lug speakers to my fair share of events back and forth before I could get to the point of having a team. But as hard as those times seemed, I always look back and smile now, as those experiences shaped my mindset about what being an artist meant to me.”

DJ Nitesh

Walk us through the process of curating a playlist for any wedding or function. How do you improvise as per the mood?
“I speak to the bride and groom first and get a sense of what they would want their wedding to feel and sound like. After all, it’s their day! Then I get into the details of what their celebration party looks like – Who is flying in from where? Would they have a lot of older guests? What is the spectrum of music they like? What are the themes for the events?

The ability to improvise has of course evolved over a decade of experience. I feel the pulse of the room and figure out where the night needs to head in order for everyone on the dance floor to have a memorable evening. I also feel keeping an open mind and honing in on what the crowd craves versus what you may have prepped beforehand, gives you immensely successful results.”

What have been the most exciting projects in your career? How have those experiences helped you as an artist?
“Fortunately, my work takes me through many exciting doors. I’ve played on cruises, waterfront soirees on Lake Como, hidden gems in Austria, flown in for half a day to Turkey, and watched the sunrise in Dar es Salam, the list only goes on. I’ve met and performed with celebrities, which of course has its own ring of excitement to it.

I especially enjoy projects where the wedding party had a strong sense of what sound journey they want their guests to go through. So a 3-day event can be broken down into touch points that require music for the ride to the venue, the arrival, and the moments between the magic happening. It is a treat to plan.”

DJ Nitesh
DJ Nitesh

Tell us about the most memorable wedding experience.
“I carry a memorable moment from every wedding I’ve played for with me in my mind. You’d think there’s a sense of monotony in what I do, but as someone whose job is to keep an eye out and observe the finer details that make or break an important event, I observe the unique impact each wedding party creates.”

DJ Nitesh

What advice would you give to other aspiring DJs out there?
1. Do it for the love of the art and not for fame. Fame is a fickle by-product of fulfilling your purpose with your art.
2. Preparation is important! Be ready for any scenario.
3. Keep learning about the craft, managing clients and expectations, and about what the latest viral sound byte on Tiktok maybe that is taking over dance floors. It’s an ever-evolving process.

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