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Wedding Photography by Photo Tantra

Snigdha Sheel and Vinayak Das the Bangalore-based husband-wife duo were pursuing photography as a hobby for many years, but they never experimented with wedding photography for a long time. Three years ago, they both quit their lucrative jobs to pursue wedding photography as a full-time profession. Says Vinayak: “Snigdha was working with a Property Management MNC while I was working as an engineer. Earlier we were only doing fashion, architecture, corporate events and documentary photography. Then we realised there was a big opportunity in wedding photography which we had’nt explored.”

Their creative unit is called Photo Tantra and each of them have their own photographic style which compliments the other. Says Vinayak: “My style is documentary, I love capturing the moods and moments, while Snigdha enjoys getting all the wedding elements, festivities and details into play”. Photo Tantra is focussing on large weddings. Adds Snigdha: “Quite a few of our clients are NRIs and while earlier most of our clients were Bangalore-based, we are slowly making inroads into the North—Delhi, Rajasthan and other destination weddings. And though we are based in Bangalore, the internet enables us to pitch to clients all over India.”

Website: www.phototantra.com

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