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Wedding Planners gear up for the Grandest Weddings

It is that time of the year when some of the wealthiest businessmen set aside their work commitments and get busy with wedding preps of their loved ones. And it’s the busiest time for the country’s big names in the wedding planning and styling business, like Delhi’s E-Factor, Mumbai’s Seven Steps (Seventy EMG), Ahmedabad’s Red Events; and creative luminaries like Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Gurleen M Puri and Geeta Samuel.

The most-awaited social events of 2014 include Prince Lakshyaraj Singh’s (son of Shreeji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur) wedding in January. The engagement last week was a lavish affair, the traditional wedding ceremony will take place in the home town of bride Nivritti Kumar Deo after which the post-wedding celebrations will continue in Udaipur. The glitziest NRI wedding of 2014 is likely to be the one hosted by London-based Mahtanis; society is abuzz with chatter on the lavish celebration that is being put together by the bride’s mother, prominent socialite Rekha Mahtani. And in February all roads and private jets will head to Kathmandu for the wedding of Natisha Saraf and Karan Saraogi. Natisha is the daughter of construction magnate and Grand Hyatt Hotel owner Arun Saraf, and a host of industrialists, political heavy-weights and foreign dignitaries are expected to attend the three day celebrations.

Natisha Saraf and Karan Saraogi

And how can we not make a mention on the just-concluded weddings? A big Indian Wedding in Barcelona made headlines in Spain; Pramod Mittal’s daughter Srishti married Gulraj Behl last week and the venues for the celebrations included historic sites like Museo Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Maritime Museum and Arts Museum. While the Mittal family’s circle refer to the four day celebration as an exclusive and not hugely extravagant affair, some newspapers in Spain have reported that the cost of the wedding could have been more than what the bride’s uncle Laxmi Mittal spent for his daughter’s wedding in France. Back in Mumbai, top names in the city are attending the Jhunjhuwala wedding celebrations across different venues in Mumbai. Kunal, son of Raju Jhunjhunwala and nephew of Rakesh Jhunjunwala is marrying Niharika Agarwal. The sangeet on Sunday night was a scintillating affair and the wedding cum reception takes place tonight. And if there was a celebration with a ‘never seen before’ sight it was the reception hosted by London-based Grovers at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. Karan Grover married Ria Dubash in Cannes, and while the celebration there was an exclusive affair with less than three hundred guests, over 1,000 guests attended the mega celebration at the Ballroom where SRK spent close to an hour mingling with the guests.

Big Indian Wedding in Barcelona- Shrishti Mitttal, daughter of Pramod Mittal married Gulraj Behl

Museo Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

Niharika Agarwal and Kunal Jhunjhunwala

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