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This wedding season, #TaiyaarHoKarAaiye with Manyavar and Ranveer Singh

Trends may come and go, but traditions always endure at Indian weddings. Be it the beautiful customs or bonding among loved ones of all ages, a wedding is that special celebration that leaves an impression on everyone.

Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh certainly leaves an impression too with his unique sartorial choices in real life. From his psychedelic jackets to edgy cuts, he gets people talking!

In this Manyavar ad, viewers see how his fashion sense and designer wardrobe is playfully mocked by his gang of guys who are dressed in elegant Western suits.

They wait to see what kind of eclectic – and some would perhaps claim eccentric – ensemble Ranveer will don for the wedding they are all attending. Yet, the star – looking stylish in a traditional navy blue and gold sherwani – leaves everyone floored. He turns the tables on them in style with his quip! After all, it’s a beautiful, traditional Indian wedding so #TaiyaarHoKarAiye is a valid request.

Manyavar captures the spirit and sass of cosmopolitan Millenials with this ad, and successfully sends a message that trends may come and go, but traditional Indian wedding wear for men will endure forever. Offering a wide range of options for festive occasions, Manyavar caters to the diverse tastes of men with stylish silhouettes for grooms and coordinated sets for their boy’s squads.

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