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Wedding Venue Hot Spots: Nandita Advani Recommends The Retreat, Madh Island

In our new series we get Real Couples to tell us about their search for the perfect venue and share tips for to-be-weds getting married in the same city.

Nandita and Bhavik’s three-day extravaganza had all the makings of a modern day fairy tale. Starting with a magical ‘high-in-the-sky’ proposal to the super-fun Bidaai every moment was a moment to remember. Carefully put together and brilliantly executed by F5 Weddings, and held at The Retreat at Madh Island theirs was a celebration that united not just two people and two families, but two cultures and two styles of loving life.

The Retreat, Madh Island
According to Nandita, The Retreat as a Hotel offers what any other Hotel in Mumbai cannot. The pristine beach front hotel is laced with five star luxury and is surrounded by uninterrupted serenity. From the azure blue swimming pool to the guest rooms and suites– everything is perfect to pamper the wedding guests with comfort. Says Nandita, “if you are from Mumbai and you go there, you feel as if you are at a destination far away from Mumbai. With its beautiful pool and large convention center, it is better than many hotels in Goa.” She adds that there are two advantages of the Retreat Hotel. “Firstly, families in Mumbai don’t end up paying travel costs for a destination wedding . Secondly, the families that need to also have a reception in Mumbai after a destination wedding organize it as part of one big celebration. And the hotel staff is very flexible and cooperative with wedding families.”

Day 1
It all started with the Mehndi ceremony, which was a combination of two traditions since the boy is Gujarati and the girl is Sindhi. The Punjabi Dhol set the perfect rhythm for the Gujarati Garba. Besides joining in this colorful revelry, the guests had several other engaging activities lined up for them and a mouthwatering spread of Mumbai street-food – an ode to the city both the bride and groom call home!

Next up, the Pool Party. Says Nandita: “What better way to recover from an afternoon filled with dancing than to be by the pool with a drink in hand! We came out to a delectable selection of snacks and hot and cold beverages to set the tone for a relaxed evening with a slight nip in the air and balloons all around. While the guests were taking in the view of the December sun, the groomsmen took everyone by surprise by jumping into the chilly pool to celebrate their best friend taking the plunge.”

From the pool to the stage. The Sangeet ceremony was next! There were performances by the bride and groom’s family and friends. But the performance of the night was the shadow dance by the bride and groom. The perfect climax to an array of energetic and well synchronized acts.

Day 2
The Big Day arrived and it was time for the Pop Theme Baraat! The groom then made an unforgettable entrance on a double-seater Retro Vespa! And that’s why we love this couple so much. They have a chilled out, eclectic style that celebrates and defies tradition, does the conventional and the unconventional all at the same time. Putting their own spin on things as they go along, these two are always full of surprises. The baraat went on for a while as the friends and family danced their way to the Mandap. The indoor mandap was a lovely round elevated stage covered with long floral strings. The serene, solemn wedding ceremony was done in Gujarati style. The bride joined the groom on his Vespa and the newly-weds zoomed off into wedded bliss!

The evening was a grand affair with an open-air reception in the garden. Instrumental music played in the background as the new Mr. and Mrs. had their first dance. Fire crackers went off every 15 minutes adding lots of light and a bit of warmth to the pleasant chilly evening. The photo-booth leading up to the reception area deserves a special mention too. A beaming couple, a dream-like setting and happy guests. Truly a wedding to remember!

Our blog post series ‘Wedding Venue Hot Spots’ features Real Couples and their search for the perfect venue. If you got married recently and would like to be featured here please email us a few wedding photos along with the details below. Our Editors will review the same and get in touch with you for a more detailed interview:

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Wedding Details:
Venue: The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre, Madh Island, Mumbai
Wedding Planner: F5 Weddings
Photographs by: Jodi Clickers
Wedding film: Whistle Blowers
Wedding Invite: Pink Cheese Designs
Make-Up Artists: Ojas Rajani & Mansoor Khan

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