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Weddings at Homes and at Farm Houses!

Narang House, an expansive residential bunglow in Pali Hill, Mumbai is home to the Narang family which managed the Ambassador hotel, Croissants chain in Mumbai. The season’s most awaited wedding is on 29th November. Item girl Esha Koppikar is marrying restauranteur boyfriend Timmy Narang as per Mangalorean wedding traditions and the venue for the wedding is Timmy’s home, Narang House.

A wedding at the house of the bride or groom has a special charm to it. The house truly reflects the style of the host family and with parties and more parties at fancy lounges and five-star hotels people get sick of visiting the same venue, every week or month. A visit to a home for a celebration is always a welcome change! Esha’s family astrologer chose 26th November as the auspicious date, but in view of the Mumbai attacks on 26th November last year, the couple decided on 29th November.

Talking of at-home weddings: if families wish to ditch the five star hotels or banquet halls to host the wedding at home, practical space considerations force them to consider paid venues. Those who’re sick of the weather or congestion in the city, and who can afford it, want a destination wedding. But according to highly talented Reena Singh, an erstwhile wedding planner, destination weddings are hardly an option in India: “Many couples want one, but after realizing that their guest list is so long, they change the plan.”

According to Reena, in Delhi, thanks to the escalating costs and prohibitive tax factor, many are opting for a wedding in a home setting—not their own home though- one of the fancy, newer farm houses in Mehrauli Gurgaon, Chattarpur and Airport Road. “It makes so much sense”, says the author of the book ‘The Wedding Planner’. “The tax factor on so many components- entertainment, alcohol, food makes a wedding at a regular five star hotel unaffordable. The fancy farm houses are beautifully done-up so the hassle of decorating the wedding venue is lesser; guests can get out of Delhi into a breezy, greener zone and yet they don’t need to leave the city.”

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