WeddingSutra Brides test the LUNA mini 2 by FOREO and this is what they had to say

During the busy wedding season, a quick wash-and-moisturize routine may not be enough for brides and bridesmaids who would have worn heavy makeup for long hours. Deep cleaning is the only way to get rid of everything that is clogging the pores of your face externally and internally, be it the layers of makeup or pollutants to get the healthy and glowing skin you want!

We asked two beautiful young ladies, who are headed into a heavy wedding season, to try out the LUNA mini 2 by FOREO, a Swedish multi-national beauty brand founded in 2013 and this is what they had to say.

“Makeup wipes are not enough”


Tejal says, “pollution, stress, makeup, sweat, sunlight – my skin has to deal with all these things and more on a daily basis. Little wonder then that blemishes and acne make routine appearances. And after using LUNA mini 2 I realized that makeup wipes are not enough. They just wipe, they don’t clean all that makeup, dirt, pollution, and excess oil. By deep cleaning your pores with Luna Mini 2, your skin is revitalized, radiant and healthy from within. I love the 3-zone face brush as it ensures that pores in all areas of the face are cleaned effectively. I love that its silicone bristles are bacteria-resistant, I don’t have to worry about sterilizing or changing the brush! ”

“LUNA mini 2 to my rescue”


Nivedita says, “I used to avoid deep cleansing. It was just long and arduous but with Luna Mini 2, I have no excuses. When turned on, LUNA mini 2’s every cycle last for one minute and all I have to do is cover four areas of the face for 15 seconds each. Voila, perfectly clean, healthy skin in just a minute! Not only will this gadget give your face a deep cleanse, but it also stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness. I sure need it after all the pre-wedding late-night parties! This waterproof cleansing gadget comes with eight adjustable intensities so that you can choose the one that works best for you. It has an impressively long-lasting battery and is light enough to go in my toiletries bag every time I travel.”


For all Brides to be, this product is a highly recommended one for your wedding trousseau. FOREO products are on sale this wedding season for a limited time. Go check this here before it stocks out. Thank us later 🙂


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