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WeddingSutra Engage Launches the WeddingSutra Charity Registry in Delhi NCR

Couples can spread joy and make an impact on the most special day of their lives by contributing to causes dear to them. The latest WeddingSutra Engage was all about embracing and encouraging socially conscious attitudes. Over the years, WeddingSutra Engage has evolved into a platform that sets in motion pioneering ideas and opens up a world of inspirations. Staying true to these aims, WeddingSutra Engage hosted its latest session to launch the WeddingSutra Charity Registry in Delhi/NCR, which followed the Mumbai launch held earlier in August 2019.

The day commenced at The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences where the grand ballrooms welcomed the capital’s select society. This premium lifestyle hotel was a fitting venue for the landmark event thanks to the team’s standout hospitality and elegant interiors. After a warm welcome by Mr. Varun Chhibber, General Manager of The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences and Mr. Parthip Thyagarajan, CEO and Co-Founder of WeddingSutra, the agenda led to two back-to-back panel discussions that explored the tradition of giving in India as well as changes in the Indian wedding industry that are coming about due to the changing preferences of young couples.

WeddingSutra EngageVarun Chhibber, General Manager of The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences and Parthip Thyagarajan, CEO and Co-Founder WeddingSutra.com

WeddingSutra EngageParthip Thyagarajan with panelists Varul Bahl, Sumant Jayakrishnan, Shefalee Vasudev and Raghavendra Rathore

Receiving gifts delight all of us. However, often the joy of giving surpasses the happiness at receiving gifts especially at special and auspicious occasions like weddings. Today’s socially aware couples seem to understand this perfectly well.

In a country where the millenial couples have started asking guests not to bring material wedding gifts, the trend of requesting them to donate to charities instead is set to grow in the future. Many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Meghan Markle have also played a part in popularizing this worthy step when they opted not to receive material gifts at their weddings and asked their guests to contribute the money to different causes and organizations they support.

The WeddingSutra Charity Registry is an effort to encourage this altruistic mindset in modern couples by giving them a platform that will allow them to further awareness and raise funds for the causes that they support in a hassle-free and transparent manner.

The first panel discussion titled ‘Influencers Perspective on the Next Generation of Giving: How Millennials Can Make an Impact,’ was moderated by Ms. Deepanjali Pandey, Consulting Editor of WeddingSutra. The panelists included Mr. Arvind Vijaymohan (Chief Executive of Artery India), Ms. Nupur Mehta Puri (Founder of N2Root and Soul India), Reshma Punj (Lifestyle Connoisseur), Ms. Deepti J Verma (Co-Founder of The Homegirl Network and Pitaarah), Ms. Rasna Bhasin (Digital Influencer and Brand Consultant) and Mr. Abhinav Mathur (Digital Influencer).

WeddingSutra EngageParthip Thyagarajan with panelists Abhinav Mathur, Deepa J Verma, Arvind Vijaymohan, Deepanjali Pandey, Reshma Punj, Nupur Mehta Puri and Rasna Bhasin

WeddingSutra EngagePanelists Rasna Bhasin and Arvind Vijaymohan share their thoughts

Rasna shared how the tradition of charity at weddings was still prevalent in her Sikh family, while Reshma shared how giving could be done in different ways. Arvind added, “We are living in a time when the young will not take it if you do not give them what is necessary. The act of charity is something that comes naturally to us but we get so caught up in the chaos that we live in that we put our priorities aside. While my generation in particular was dismissive of things that should have been taken care of, that is not true for the current one; they are very sound on these kinds of things.” Deepti reiterated how weddings should give back to the ecosystem around them, and Anubhav reflected on how NGOs should harness the power of social media for social good and collaborate with digital influencers to spread their campaign messages and raise funds. Nupur shared, “I do think that there was a certain formality associated with giving back in the day, but today millenials want to hyper-personalize that experience. They will give to what they want and it won’t be that once they’ve given their 10 per cent they will go back to merrymaking. It will be about the cause they feel for and that’s how giving has changed.”

The second panel discussion titled ‘How are Wedding Trends, Bridal Fashion, and Culture Evolving to Meet the Needs of Millennial & Gen Z couples?’ was moderated by Mr. Sumant Jayakrishnan (Founder of Scenografia Sumant). The panelists included celebrity fashion designers Mr. Raghavendra Rathore and Mr. Varun Bahl as well as Ms. Shefalee Vasudev (Editor – The Voice of Fashion at IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd.). This engaging session threw light on a number of aspects about the Indian wedding industry and how things are changing.

WeddingSutra EngageParthip Thyagarajan with panelists Varul Bahl, Sumant Jayakrishnan, Shefalee Vasudev and Raghavendra Rathore

WeddingSutra Engage

WeddingSutra EngageDesigner Anupamaa Dayal

“The idea of a template is dying. You cannot show one customer a template that was created for another customer. It has to be unique. There needs to be freshness,” said Raghavendra Rathore. Prior to concluding the discussion, Varun Bahl said, “I feel what WeddingSutra is doing is wonderful! That little envelope with money that goes to the family – if that goes to charity, it would make a huge difference.”

The excellent planning of the event was done by Varun Dua and his team at Wedding Management Institute. As one of India’s premier institutions for Wedding Planning and Management, the team ensured seamless execution of the events. The pictures, on the other hand, were captured wonderfully by Infinite Memories. As they went about clicking some beautiful memories, emcee Bhavana Bhatia directed the event with her infectious energy that had the distinguished gathering, comprising celebrity guests, wedding industry professionals and representatives of leading NGOs listed in the WeddingSutra Charity Registry, clapping and engaging enthusiastically.

WeddingSutra EngageVarun Dua from Evolve Weddings and his team from The Wedding Management Institute 

WeddingSutra EngageOur Host/Emcee Bhavana Bhatia

WeddingSutra EngageLeft to right: Parthip Thyagarajan, Ruchika Arora Bansal and Utkarsha Bansal of Plush Events

WeddingSutra EngageLeft to right: Parthip Thyagarajan, Enda Noone, and Nilisha Kohli of Ikka Dukka

WeddingSutra EngageWedding Photographers Rohit Kadyan and Mohit Goel of Infinite Memories, Hera Rasool and Aseem Srivastava of We Don’t Say Cheese and Prashant Nahata of Fotobar with Parthip Thyagarajan.

WeddingSutra EngageLeft to right: Parthip Thyagarajan, Chetan Vohra of Weddingline and Naman Verma of Naman Verma Photography

Venue Partner: The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences
Event Partner: Wedding Management Insititute, Delhi
Emcee: Bhavana Bhatia

Photography Partner: Infinite Memories

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