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WeddingSutra Predicts Wedding Trends for 2018

The dynamic world of weddings is in constant evolution and this is what makes the industry so exciting to watch and experts so prepped to predict.

WeddingSutra, India’s leading bridal media brand presents a comprehensive wedding trends report so our readers can be ahead of the curve this Wedding Season 2018-19. From flowers to fashion to feminism we have everything you need to keep your eye out for this year.

If you’re tying the knot, you need this list.

Light It Up
Light can shape both vibes and venues and it is the most important décor element at your wedding. This year, lighting gets the spotlight as 2018 shapes up to accentuate architectural and design elements at wedding venues using illumination design. Far more sophisticated than shrouding the walls in drapes, light brings space and intimacy and will also help cleverly highlight decorative elements at the wedding but in creative ways.

Wedding Trends for 2018

Down To Details
It’s the little things that make the big picture and it’s never been more than with design elements at weddings. Prepare for a Pinterest take-over as the finer things in life take centre-stage in wedding décor – from chair adornments to aisle ornamentation, the precious things are in the small touches.

Wedding Trends for 2018Photo Courtesy : Ross Harvey

Small Is Big
And scaling down to find the sweetest essence works on the weddings themselves. Celebrations will be significantly smaller than the traditional Big Fat Indian Wedding as intimate weddings and their trimming of the fuss get more popular. And why wouldn’t they? A crisp guest list means less stress, a chance to slow down and celebrate with your nearest and dearest and truly savor the most special moments in their lives.

Wedding Trends for 2018Photo Courtesy : First Mate Photography Co.

The Cause Clause
This isn’t the end of traditional wedding gifts, but the beginning of a trend that takes compassion to the level of cool! A lot of couples today support certain causes and their wedding makes for the perfect opportunity to not only spread the word but also collect funds for its welfare. More and more couples are asking their guests to donate to charities they are aligned with instead of giving them more conventional presents. What a way to spread the joy!

Wedding Trends for 2018

Invitation To Innovate
2018 is the year when invitations play with luscious fabrics, experiment the workability of wood and explore the potential of Perspex. Prepare to see creative designs that will stun you with their simplicity and minimalism as well as those that will catch your eye with their flamboyance – many of which involve at least one of these three materials in their craft.

Wedding Trends for 2018

Bridal Badassery
The wedding trousseau may have been about the bride but the baraat was all about the groom. But while our grooms are getting more dapper, Indian brides are getting their share of the fun! In a crazy, beautiful new tradition – even more brides this year are planning making statement entries with their own processions, bands and dancing into their weddings and their married lives!

Wedding Trends for 2018Photo Courtesy : Hitched and Clicked

All The Wedding’s a Stage
Creating an unforgettable experience as part of their warm hospitality is one way of expressing the joy families feel when guests attend their celebrations. And breathtaking entertainment is the way to go – whether you encounter trapeze artists descending from the ceiling to pour a little more champagne into the glasses of the guests or watch live bands serenading them with sweet tunes and melodies, this year will see more money being spent on singers, live acts, foreign acts and more.

Wedding Trends for 2018Photo Courtesy : Dot Dusk

Floral Dimension
Floral motifs have always gone hand in hand with bridal wear but for the year ahead designers are taking this aesthetic to the next level. Think 3D floral appliqué transforming gowns into textural works of art! The flower will definitely get more power and brides won’t have to get married in a garden to be surrounded by beautiful blooms.

Wedding Trends for 2018Photo Courtesy : CCP by Nishith Dayal and Shreya Sen Photography

Take Flight
If you thought capes are only for superheroes, the brides of 2018 are here to prove your wrong! Get ready to see a lot more cape and caplets making their appearance in the wedding fashion circuit. A caped gown is easy to imagine but the trend is taking off in ethnic styles too. Caplet blouses are going to be the rage and expect to catch glimpses of hooded capes as substitutes for veils. When it comes to being creative, the sky is the limit!

Wedding Trends for 2018Photo Courtesy : Art Leaves a Mark

Fun With Fusion
Indians have always had the kamarband as a fashion accessory but this year the fashion world brings a new twist to this tradition. Belts, the western wear essential that bear the closest resemblance to the kamarband will be paired with the traditional saree further enhancing the sexy quotient of this Indian attire with incredible edge.

Wedding Trends for 2018Photos Courtesy: Reflexion by Nischay Shinde

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