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Which Celebrity Bride Are You? Take The Quiz!

Getting married soon? We bet you have stalked the wedding photos of reigning stars multiple times – be it the homely Mumbai wedding of style diva Sonam Kapoor, or the exquisite nuptials of Deepika Padukone in Italy. No one could have missed the earthy beauty of Anushka Sharma’s pheras in a Tuscany villa or Priyanka Chopra’s colorful high-profile extravaganza in Rajasthan. From the dazzling lehengas to the lovely destinations, every celebrity wedding featured something unique. So which starry bride are you most like or which one best describes you? Take our fun Celebrity Quiz to find out!

A. Your dream wedding is the perfect balance of…

     1. A super intimate affair at a secret place with only family and really close friends.
     2. A destination wedding with your fam’ and squad of course!
     3. A grand wedding with all your near and dear ones.
     4. The big fat Indian wedding, total Bollywood style!

B. Your wedding day look is…

     1. All things pastel and beautiful!
     2. Traditional, golds and reds.
     3. Best of all worlds, I want ‘em all!
     4. The Punjabi bride look.

C. Pick a wedding theme

     1. Bright and dreamy
     2. Traditional and summery
     3. Grand and OTT
     4. All things Bollywood

D. Pick your dream venue

     1. A Luxurious Resort
     2. A Villa overlooking the Lake
     3. A Royal Palace
     4. A Temple or Church

E. Which word describes your personal style best

     1. Elegant
     2. Daring
     3. Lavish
     4. Ethnic



Maximum 1s: Anushka Sharma
Hush-hush affairs, that’s how you like it! You don’t mind going grand with your wedding, but you also prefer to celebrate it with your close friends and family. Be it your wardrobe, jewellery, hairdo or even your venue, you want to make sure everything is extraordinary and worthy enough to set off multiple trends.

Maximum 2s: Deepika Padukone
You like an international backdrop but still like to retain Indian elements for your wedding. You would ideally stage your intimate wedding with a touch of exclusivity and grandeur. You prioritize personalized touches and pay ode to your roots be it with a choice of wedding cuisine, ensembles or rituals.

Maximum 3s: Priyanka Chopra
You like the idea of a hybrid wedding where two cultures come together. You probably like to trump the tradition of an intimate wedding in a sense by opting for a large-scale extravaganza that takes the world by storm. Nothing but perfection in style, scale and sensational features in all aspects would satisfy you.

Maximum 4s: Sonam Kapoor
You like to surprise people with your pick of the unexpected, be it opting for a local, home town wedding when your globe-trotting friends probably expect you to book an exotic destination resort. You may wear cutting-edge fashion in daily life, but bow down to traditional accents on your wedding day. The best of both worlds? That’s you!

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