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Whimsical Wedding Portraits

By Jaspreet Soni
Anup J Kat likes to take the road less traveled. He is associated with a production house, does scuba diving and he shoots weddings in the most unconventional way. We talked to Anup about his whacky style and palpable sense of humor which reflects in his couple portraits.

What is your style of photography?
This is something I am still exploring. I am always looking for something new, something different, not so regular to unfold and capture. I have been photographing weddings since four years, so I am still finding myself and my style which people will know me by.

You are known for your whacky portraits, what inspires you to go all out?
When I started doing wedding photography, I realized that in pre & post nuptial shoots couples like to express themselves! Many like to explore their fun and crazy side, not just the romantic side. It makes for a nice framed picture@ home as well.

How do you get ideas?
Most ideas emerge on location itself. I don’t go there planned. I also pick a lot of cues from our conversation. Take the case of Kevin and Chris where the groom was mentioning in vain that he is being dragged to the wedding. So I thought why not translate it into a shot and that’s how the picture of him clinging to the car door and bride pulling him by the leg was taken.

How much effort does it take to get those ‘defying the gravity’ shots?
Converting the idea into reality does require conceptualization. In the earlier mentioned shot, there is lot of physics involved– how his body weight will be, how he will lift his leg etc. Then there is a shot from my own wedding where everything around us is floating and I am riding on a broom, which actually took 4 hours to reach at a point of calling it a proper picture.

How is the theme of the shoot decided on- based on the location or is it the couple’s choice?
Willingness of the couple to do it and want it is all-important, then I direct the entire shoot. So it is a combination of both. It depends on where we are and what we have available. Some couples bring props with them and then I work on how to incorporate them.

Would you be interested in photographing a very traditional temple style of wedding too, since most of your work falls in the category of modern or off-beat?
Yes, of course. In fact, I have done many traditional weddings. I like the whole challenge of turning the most dynamic day into beautiful pictures. I always try to do something new at a wedding- try a new lens, a new angle, a new perspective.

What has been your most memorable assignment?
Not any particular assignment but thanks to my work, I have made some very good friends. In fact some of my really close friends are those whose wedding I photographed.

What have you learned about yourself while doing photography?
That I am mad! I like my space as it gives me time to think and click. When I attempt something crazy in my shots, it clearly shows that I am mad.

What is important to be a good photojournalist?
Smile  you have to smile! Have a good attitude and people around you will be happy and have fun. And you will get lots of opportunities to capture them enjoying the moment.

Anup J Kat
http://anupjkat.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/AnupJKatPhotography

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