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WHY some men are hairier? And WHY girls are much repulsed by the macho Hirsutism?

Waxed buffed bodies, or hairy retro males? Given the choice most of us would opt for the former – being brought up on a steady diet of buffed waxed and shaven male physiques on magazine covers and in the movies.

Sadly enough, some men from certain communities are hairier than the norm, some being positively afflicted with enough hair to be deemed shareworthy rather than lust worthy. While this might be genetically caused, other factors like hormonal variations also impact the growth of body hair according to Dr. Madhuri Agarwal of Kaya Skin Clinic. Interestingly, while what you eat does not necessarily impact whether you have hair on your body, being obese or having an erratic diet pattern can see the luscious growth on your scalp thinning down and the hair on your body growing with redoubled effort.

Alas, and alack, these are not the days of yore when a hairy torso was considered the equivalent of much virility. If anything, modern girls are much repulsed by the macho hirsutism which would have got the women raving in ancient times. No running fingers along the carpet of his chest figures in popular romance fiction anymore, if you may kindly note. Which leaves no option but for the self-respecting, hirsutely blessed male to look at serious options for hair removal.

Kaya dermatologists recommend
The Painfree Hair Removal service which is virtually painless has less service time taken compared to other options – and is equally effective in freedom from excess body hair. After a look at the lifestyle, background of the client and an assessment of the hair and skin type, the client is advised of the customized service he should opt for, which takes around six to eight sessions, eight weeks apart. With appropriate post-treatment care, most men should be smoother than the proverbial infant’s behind once the three months of treatment are done with. And then, settle back for a lifetime of clear, hair free living – most importantly no embarrassment at the thought of exposing one’s hairy torso at a swimming pool!

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