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With lush spaces, Amaara Farms is a haven for elegant, effortless weddings

A green, serene oasis nestled away from the bustle of the capital city; the landscaped environs of Amaara Farms (in Chattarpur) is one of the most beguiling wedding venues in Delhi NCR. From its picturesque gardens to the serene silhouette of the meditative Buddha statue, this sprawling haven of more than 50,000 square feet evokes timeless grace. The superlative team of experts there provides a host of services under the new “Intimate Weddings at Amaara” platform that comprises four wedding packages. We spoke to Shivan Gupta, the founder, and CEO of Amaara Farms, about what goes into hosting a heavenly wedding there.

Amaara Farms

An intimate celebration can be just as memorable as a big wedding. For couples envisioning a cozy yet classy wedding at Amaara, how can their revelries by infused with grandeur while still retaining an intimate, personal feel?

“Amaara Farms is quite a large venue, but it can still be transformed and customized to keep the vibe of the celebration minimal and elegant. A beautifully landscaped venue not only helps to save expenditure but also creates a splendid backdrop for your decor. With winters coming up, stacked potted plants at corners and entrances add a rich lushness to your events. Additionally, our traditional textiles blend beautifully into any theme, and beautiful prints and colors can be arranged at ease from local vendors. With the world moving towards sustainable options, this also helps celebrate the talent and skills of local artisans. We suggest reusing, repurposing, and recycling as much as possible.”

“No wedding is complete without the allure of flowers. At Amaara Farms, we’ve hosted weddings where the decor has included gorgeous indigenous flowers such as tuberoses (rajnigandha), marigold, roses, lilies, and more. Abundantly available, their spellbinding beauty and aroma elevate the senses like no other.”

Sustainable Decor

Does Amaara Farms provide in-house wedding planning services to couples? What aspects do you cater to?

“As weddings have become smaller, it has made it possible to scrutinize and perfect every small detail to truly give our clients the wedding of their dreams. We work in tandem with our clients every step of the way and maintain an RSVP list which can be shared in advance with them or their wedding planner. Our new offering ‘Intimate Weddings by Amaara‘ is a wonderful package that curates every aspect of weddings, starting from the decor and photography to catering and more.”

Intimate weddings by Amaara

Your new initiative, “Intimate Weddings at Amaara” combines the ease of end-to-end wedding planning with service excellence and expertise of industry veterans to offer fantastic packages for couples. Can you share more about this collaboration?

“Imagine a lush, picturesque landscape, majestic architecture, spellbinding decor, scrumptious cuisine, the best wedding experts at your disposal, and your loved ones, all coming together in picture-perfect harmony to make your big day unforgettable. ‘Intimate Weddings at Amaara’ is a collaboration with some of the biggest names in the industry to curate wedding packages for couples at incredible prices. Working with industry veterans such as The Wedding Design Company, Kitchen Art by Puneet Sikand, Abhinav Bhagat, Artfoto Studios, Shutterdown Photography, and more, we offer four special packages namely Magnolia, Anvaya, Camellia, and Iris. All the services are provided as per the mandatory COVID-19 safety, health, and hygiene protocols issued by the government of India.”

“At a time when the personal wellbeing of our clients is paramount, we wanted not just their celebrations to be safe and enjoyable, but the process of wedding planning as well. With all the services provided under one roof, this initiative reduces human contact and helps everyone practice social distancing as well”.

Covid-19 safety measures at wedding

The pandemic has impacted weddings all over the world, with thousands of couples altering their plans to fit the new reality. How can they enjoy an unforgettable wedding experience at Amaara Farms, while observing all the necessary health and safety measures?

“With social distancing being the need of the hour, clients are opting for outdoor spaces. The sprawling greenery of Amaara combines safety with the aesthetics you desire. Additionally, conscious steps are being taken to further ensure the wellbeing of our clients, such as spreading out seating for functions and dining, sanitization of all furniture before and after events, restricting staff strength, and more. Menus have been made less elaborate and more meaningful to avoid food wastage and serving and display styles have also been switched up to minimize contact while retaining the elegance of fine dining. Ensuring masks and sanitizers at every entry point, live cooking stations, and gentle reminders of social distancing in a light, joyful way throughout the events are further adding to the experience.”

Unforgettable wedding experience
Safety measures at Amaara Farms

Amaara Farms Decor

Intimate wedding at Amaara Farms

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