Young and Inspiring – Travel Planners Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan of Tripoetic

Our new series, ‘Young and Inspiring’ features fresh talent from the events and travel domain. Meet cool, young professionals from Tripoetic, whose work involves crafting luxury honeymoons and customized, romantic travel itineraries and experiences for couples.

Here, the husband-wife duo, Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan, founders of Tripoetic share tips and advice on creating a honeymoon to remember.

Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan, Tripoetic

Tell us more about Tripoetic.
Travel is more than just business for us, it is our passion! We design personalized luxury vacations to destinations around the globe. Each travel plan is created from the ground up and is based entirely on the traveler’s interests and style. Our itineraries ensure certain offbeat experiences at every destination while not missing out on the ‘must-do’ sightseeing. Honeymoon vacations have always enjoyed a special focus at Tripoetic because this is really the most special holiday for everyone. Newly wed couples love our tailor-made itineraries and the romantic indulgences we recommend


What are your clients looking for today?
Each client will have specific requests but one common aspect amongst all is the desire for something ‘different’ and exclusive. Most people are willing to go off-the-beaten path and want us to blend luxury with adventure. They want to understand the destination country’s culture, taste local delicacies and stay in unique, high-end boutique hotels rather than the same old ones.


What is the typical duration of travel for those who are traveling abroad?
Most honeymoon vacations fall in the 10-14 day range but we’ve planned trips for as short as 5 days to those lasting a full month.

How does the client interaction start?
Customers first contact us through the website or social media, email or phone. We analyze their ideas and expectations of the trip and then fashion the best vacation from scratch for them. The trip is then optimized with inputs and approvals from the customer.

You have mentioned that you advise clients to be travelers and not tourists. How do you devise an itinerary accordingly?
We strongly believe that any holiday should be much more than just checking off a list and clicking pictures at the main attractions. In other words – experience and don’t just observe, blend in and don’t stick out. Our idea of handcrafting each itinerary helps in avoiding stereotypes while ensuring we give travelers something unique and beyond their expectations.


Which destinations do you recommend for Honeymooners? Do you have any special recommendations/packages?
We plan honeymoons to all international destinations from Europe to the South Pacific and from North America to Africa. The destination depends primarily on the travelers’ interests and the time of year. Paris is our number one recommendation. It is the perfect place for a honeymoon. We also recommend New Zealand for adventure, the Caribbean for the beaches, Rio de Janeiro for partying and Iceland for road trips.



Which destinations do you recommend for nature lovers and thrill seekers?
Switzerland, Canada, and South Africa will take you close to nature like never before. Thrill seekers will love Australia, USA, and Costa Rica.

You say that you bring together globetrotters from different backgrounds. How does that happen?
Travel planning is an art, not a skill. Your background has no bearing here. I’ve worked extensively in the mobile telecom industry in the US. My wife and co-founder Pranjali has studied and worked in the field of fashion. We established Tripoetic after moving back to India. Our passion for travel has taken us to 15 countries together. In addition to this, Tripoetic consults and networks with travelers with diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


Do shopping and nightlife find place in a honeymoon itinerary or even a family/friends one?
Of course! Honeymooners love partying and the night life and Istanbul, Barcelona and Amsterdam are popular party destinations. Many couples enjoy shopping too and for them, New York, Paris, and Bangkok work the best. A great nightlife is usually a pre-requisite for bachelor/bachelorette trips while families with grown up kids love shopping excursions while traveling.


What is the most unusual request you have received so far?
Travelers have asked for spooky ghost tours on their honeymoon! Others may want a ‘digital detox,’ which is basically a vacation where you survive without digital connectivity for a few days away from the eyes of the world.


Any experience or stay you always recommend?
We do have our favorites, some of them being –
– Photography Session at various romantic locations in Paris.
– Scenic Helicopter Ride in New Zealand.
– Stay in Hotels with Caldera View and Infinity Pools in Santorini.
– Stay at the Luxury Romantic Resort, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia (Caribbean).
– Spend a night at the secluded 5-star Treehouse in South Africa.


If you are interested in hiring Tripoetic for your honeymoon, click here

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