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Young and Inspiring: Filmmakers Anish and Noopur of Happy Flashbacks

Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ presents the newest talent powerhouses from the worlds of design, fashion and events, who are raising the bar and setting new trends as they conjure up dream weddings.

A young and passionate filmmaker, Anish, and his equally zealous journalist wife, Noopur, began their filmmaking and photography venture named ‘Happy Flashbacks’ in 2015. Becoming one of the most sought-after filmmaking companies in less than five years, the dynamic duo has come a long way, capturing the special moments of innumerable couples.

They have recently added another feather to their cap: an Instagram travel blog called 2happypassports to showcase their amazing talents. Anish and Noopur of Happy Flashbacks continue to be among the best in the industry, inspiring many other young innovators to turn their passion into a profession.

Here are excerpts from our interview with Noopur and Anish about their journey.

How did you guys venture into wedding videography?
It wasn’t a planned or calculated decision. The idea resonated with us as we wanted to take on a new creative challenge at the time. A photographer friend of ours, who was in the field of journalism, knew people who were into wedding filmmaking and suggested that it was a lucrative field that we could explore. It stuck with us and one morning we came up with the name ‘Happy Flashbacks’ over Tea. We were excited by the name and the fact that this venture had the potential to satisfy both the creative and business aspects of our interests.

Wedding films bring with them a new and unique set of challenges. You’ve got people who get extremely camera-conscious, for instance. What is your approach to wedding filmmaking and tackling such issues?
The camera-conscious aspect is common for everyone we meet. We try to make the process of filmmaking extremely fun and intimate in order to get the most natural shots and the most candid moments out of our couples. Focussing on small details and all the little and honest moments, we act as spectators and not directors. This allows us to capture real emotions. Yet, some people will be very comfortable and others not so much. But you have to weave stories and keep things natural.

Happy Flashbacks
Happy Flashbacks

What sets Happy Flashbacks apart from others?
At Happy Flashbacks, we believe that no moment is too small to evoke a raw, unfiltered reaction. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to honest storytelling. We believe that the little moments, they aren’t little. And we don’t take any of those for granted. There’s magic in them. We capture details often overlooked, personal moments, the little oddities and a relationship unscripted.

Which part of the process of filmmaking do you enjoy the most?
We both enjoy capturing the genuine moments at weddings exactly how it’s happening. However, as much as we enjoy filming it, it is the editing of the film that makes the entire wedding process delightful, hence we say ‘Happy Flashbacks’.

Happy Flashbacks
Happy Flashbacks

What would you guys say are some of the essential skills required to be a filmmaker?
Apart from technical knowledge of a camera and editing suites, one has to be a good storyteller. I think it is important to understand the difference between a filmer and a filmmaker. If you have all the technical knowledge, you can film a wedding really well. However, it is the storyteller in you that makes you a filmmaker.
Being a keen observer is crucial to being a good filmmaker. And, of course, with experience, you’re able to know what’s going to happen next in a wedding ceremony. Being attentive and having good observation skills is the key.

Also real stories are made on the edit table. There are a hundred ways to show a particular ceremony but it’s the editing that helps you present it in your own unique way and that is what sets you apart as a filmmaker.

Is there a wedding that is very close to your heart? Why?

Although we have been very close to every couple we have shot so far, I would say that filming Bhavna and Karambir’s wedding has been extremely close to us because theirs was a very different and beautiful story. Documenting the journey of the couple and the family never felt like we were there to simply shoot a wedding. They made us feel very comfortable, even though we got to know each other without any prior references.

Happy Flashbacks
Happy Flashbacks

Concept & Styling – Happy Flashbacks
Shot by – Kunal Khurrana

Noopur’s White gown – Eliza Jane Howell, London
Anish’s Moustache print blazer – Adorn His by Tushi & Vaibhav
Anish’s Shoes – Dapperfeet.in
Jewellery – Raabta by Rahul
MUA – VS Makeovers
Location – Picture Villa

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