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Young and Inspiring: Wedding Designer Aashna Singh of Aash Studio

Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ showcases fresh, exciting new talent powerhouses from the design, fashion and event domains who specialize in creating dream weddings for couples.

Aashna Singh, of Aash Studio, has earned herself a reputation for offering top-notch designs and services by combining elegant and classic elements with quirky aesthetics based on her clients’ preferences. With a specialization in custom-made themes, floral arrangements, and spatial strategy, her team is adept in customizing options to suit a couple’s budget.

Here, Aashna gives us an insight into her journey and shares her tips to host that perfect wedding.

Aash Studio
Aash Studio

Tell us a bit about your journey? What inspired you to open a wedding and event decor company?

“Since I was a little girl, I always found myself in the art room at school, forever painting, drawing and trying to create new things. Even when I would attend several weddings with my parents, they would disappear and head towards the buffet. I, usually starving, would patiently sit at the mandap in awe of the two people about to spend their lives together and watch every little ritual with my eyes peeled. It helped me understand everything that went into that special moment, and in the bigger picture, what the institution of marriage meant. Becoming a wedding designer and planner was something I think I was destined to become. So, after high school, I decided to commit to learning more about my passion and calling and pursued Performance Design and Practice from Central Saint Martin’s University in London. A few months of living off the remainders of my assignments and years of thinking of a little space in which I could have an office and design every little aspect of its look and feel, I finally set out to pursue my dream and set up my own company.”

Wedding Event Decor Company

With millennials truly revamping the traditional wedding designs, how do you add a modern touch with decor? Do you follow a particular theme or color scheme?

“What we try to emulate at Aash Studio is the desire of the client but with our unique twist. A lot of clients have no idea where to begin or what they precisely want and it’s a fun journey trying to figure out who they are as a couple and emulating that in our designs for them. From quirky elements and experimenting with lights to custom-made furniture and prints, we try and add a youthful touch to every aspect we put together. We try and tie all the wedding functions together so that each experience is merged flawlessly into the other. Achieving a perfect combination of traditional and modern is what we aim for.”

Aash Studio

Moder Decor elements
Custom-made furniture

How do you add a personal touch to make every wedding special?

“If you’ve been following our work, you’ll notice that while our attention to detail and perfectionist attitude has been constant, we also like to have some fun with the elements. Treading on the lines of what the couples love and want for their wedding while combining it with the inherent quirkiness of our team is the way we go about planning it. We focus on creating spaces and elements that are elegant and beautiful but also tend to stick out in your mind, like an out of the box neon sign or a surprising floral arrangement at the table.”

Personal touch in decor
Elegant decor elements

What advice would you give to young, aspiring wedding stylists?

“The most important aspect to look at is to cultivate your voice. While each bride may be looking for their Pinterest-perfect wedding, it’s essential to add your touch to each function. Try and set up clear boundaries and scope with your client, work around their budget in the best way possible, and always, always have fun while you’re doing it. If your heart’s not in it, it will reflect in your work.”

Pinterest-perfect wedding

Pinterest-perfect decor

Fun elements

Unique Decor Ideas

All our brides and grooms would be eager to know what you think is the secret to hosting a fantastic wedding? Can you share a few tips?

“Always try and remember that there is no such thing as the perfect wedding. There will always be a hundred things going wrong, especially on the final day. Just remember that there is an entire team dedicated to making this day unique and none of this will be worth it if you’re too exhausted or stressed to have fun. Double-check with all your vendors once and trust them with their work. Don’t forget to eat carbs, make memories, and truly remember that this day is all about celebrating.”

Wedding to remember

Beautiful Mandap Decor

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