Zenia and Binoy’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative Love Actually is a photo series that captures beautiful moments between couples in the most stunning locations across Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Here, Zenia and Binoy were treated to a romantic pre-wedding shoot with us at WeddingSutra. Read more about their romance and relationship which Zenia shares here…

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

Love does happen when you least expect it! That is what Zenia Irani experienced when she first met the guy of her dreams – Binoy Parikh – at a bar. “My friends had organized a ‘bar hop’ meet where we went to different bars in a group. It was there that I met Binoy,” recalls Zenia.

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

They got along like a house on fire from the moment they first met, and there were none of those awkward silences between them. They connected so well that Zenia thought they were long lost friends who had reunited after years. “We discovered that we had so much in common. We spoke about everything from travel to dogs… it was a great experience.”

Soon after they hung out often and became the best of friends. Zenia doesn’t remember a specific moment where she realized that Binoy could be the one, but her priceless ‘Platinum Day of Love’ arrived when she introduced him to her parents. “Binoy was very affectionate and respectful towards them. I had introduced him to them as a friend of mine… When I saw how he behaved with them, I felt he could probably be ‘the one’ at that moment.

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love
Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

Soon after, their casual dates graduated into love, and after seeking the blessings of both sets of parents, the duo got engaged. But even after three long years of courtship, Binoy popped the question only after one month of their engagement. “He formally proposed to me one month after our engagement which took me completely by surprise. He went down on one knee and got me ‘the one’ ring from the Lord of the Ring series which was truly special.”

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

Binoy and Zenia were clear that they did not want excessive traditional functions at their wedding. Instead, they preferred their nuptials to be an extended party where their guests could let their hair down and enjoy to the fullest.

Their happiness knew no bounds when they were chosen for our editorial shoot-‘Love Actually.’ Zenia had always coaxed Binoy for a pre-wedding photoshoot, and this, they felt, would be perfect.

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love
Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

“Everything was so wonderful! Thalassa was a perfect setting for this romantic pre-wedding photoshoot as it is surrounded by greenery and has a very beautiful, happy vibe to it. My makeup was flawless, and most importantly, I was happy to be clicked by Photographer Stuti from The Cheesecake Project as I have always admired her work. She made us feel less conscious and competently captured our most candid and cherished moments together.”

As the couple is yet to host a ring ceremony, the platinum bands were a gentle reminder of their much-awaited wedding. “Platinum signifies permanence and eternity and that is what our relationship is about. We feel happy to wear it just before our official ring ceremony,” shares the happy bride-to-be.

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

Zenia and Binoy - Platinum Day of Love

We wish the lovely couple a lot of luck for their happy beginnings together.

Venue: Thalassa, Bandra, Mumbai
Platinum Love Bands: PNG Jewellers
Accessories Partner: Mochi
Makeup & Hairstyling: Jean Claude Biguine
Photographer: The Cheesecake Project

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