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Zoom in on the right photographer with these enquiry tips

Finding a wedding photographer who will click with you and your partner takes time… WeddingSutra shares what to keep in mind when preparing an effective enquiry .

Most wedding photographers receive lots of email inquiries during the busy wedding season. Couples ask for information up front but most don’t know the right questions to ask. Most people go with  “How much do you charge?” and/or “Are you available on these dates?”. Although the budget and availability are very important, there’s a lot more to focus on when preparing a comprehensive initial enquiry for wedding photographers. After all, hiring a wedding photographer who can capture your memories for life is a very important aspect of wedding planning.

So here’s some good advice if you are planning to book a wedding photographer this season!

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1) The Email Essentials
When writing to wedding photographers via email, start with your full names, and mention the wedding dates as well as the location (s) where they will be held. Add your mobile number and a convenient time you would prefer to be contacted so photographers can call you for a detailed discussion if they prefer, instead of just doing back and forth on email.

2) Share Your Story
Wedding photographers are visual storytellers; they capture your love story and wedding experience through beautiful images and films. When you’re writing to them for the first time, write a brief description about yourself and how you met your partner. Try and attach a photo too.  Also a line or two about the wedding so they can visualize both of you on your wedding day!

3) The Options
Some photographers specialise in candid photography only while others offer a complete package or a bundle of services including album design & printing. The final packages are tailored to a client’s requirement. Yes, every wedding in India is different. Don’t expect things to work here like the way they do in the West where you can book your photographer online or pick from package A, B or C. WeddingSutra and photographers know it is very different here.

4) Budget Matters
Photographers need to know a little about your wedding and what is it that you are looking for before they share a quote. So besides sharing your story, tell them exactly what all you want – for example, do you want a pre-wedding and/or engagement shoot only, or the whole wedding package which not only includes candid photography and videography, but also photobook design and printing.

5) Get Social
Spend a little time to browse the portfolios of your shortlisted wedding photographers- their website or Facebook pages and Instagram feeds  to get an idea of their work and the kind of weddings they have captured. You can also make use of Canvera Wedding Photographers Directory which features profiles of wedding photographers as well as their most recent work. A little time spent checking out portfolios online is essential when shortlisting your list of shutterbugs before emailing them.

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