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10 Makeup Artists share their favorite makeup hacks for a summer wedding!

Find your place in the sun with these handy makeup tips for a beautiful summer ready bride

Whether you’re looking for a sun-bronzed glow or waterproof concealers, our makeup artists throw light on how to look luminous at your summer wedding!

1. Safa Malim, Mumbai
“I highly recommend that all brides opt for Airbrush makeup instead of regular makeup to keep themselves fresh and flawless throughout the ceremony. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, lightweight, and suitable for all weather conditions, especially during sultry summers. Remember to follow the mantra ‘less is more’ and stick to minimal makeup. Also, stay away from cream-based formulas which tend to get oily and wear off faster in the heat.”

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 Safa Malim, Mumbai

2. Richa Thakkar, Mumbai
“I’d strongly suggest giving shimmer a miss for a summer wedding. Shimmer is great for less humid weather where your skin needs that extra glow, but during the summers your skin is already moist, and adding shimmer or a sheer glow foundation into the mix will only make it look oily and tacky.”

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 Richa Thakkar, Mumbai

3. Abhilasha Singh, San Francisco
“An ice cube massage right before you start your makeup application works wonders, and it’s a great way to ensure your pores are tightened and your skin is cool. This is extremely helpful for brides as they do tend to sweat a lot under all those heavy lehengas! Also, don’t forget to throw a couple of blotting papers into your purse to absorb the excess oil!”

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Abhilasha Singh, San Francisco

4. Hemal Thakkar, Mumbai
“Pick an oil-free primer for prepping your skin before makeup. Primers help your makeup wear longer, sit better and hold up through any condition. Furthermore, make sure you include an oil-free foundation in your kit and apply it with a brush. Don’t forget to set the foundation with a setting powder using a small brush.”

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Hemal Thakkar, Mumbai

5. Minee Khanna, Mumbai
“Brides with oily skin should use lotion instead of cream to moisturize under their foundation. Go matte with the lip color in shades of light pink or nudes, and you’ll have beautiful statement lips this summer. For better coverage and long-lasting effects, dab a generous amount of powder foundation instead of compact/loose powder.”

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Hemal Thakkar, Mumbai

6. Liberte by Hiral, Mumbai
“Summer weddings can be fun and colorful but they’re also humid and hot! So, the best course of action is to wear less makeup. Instead of going heavy on the makeup, foundation and concealer, go for spot concealing and thin layers of foundation that gives you the flexibility to build up coverage.”

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Liberte by Hiral, Mumbai

7. Mehak Kawatra, Ludhiana
“A well hydrated and plump skin is the perfect canvas for a flawless look. While many may be hesitant to include oil in their routine, I feel a beauty oil is a solid multi-tasker that gives you soft, bouncy skin. It can be used either as a makeup primer or a lip balm to heal chapped lips, or even mixed with foundation to give a dash of glow without piling on the highlighter.”

Sharmila Ganguly, Bangalore

8. Kangna Kochar, Delhi NCR
“A Korean beauty routine that’s incredibly popular is to dip your face in ice water right before applying makeup which seriously works wonders. You can start off by dipping your bare clean face in a flat bowl of icy water for five minutes and dab it dry. This results in tightened pores and cool skin on which makeup can glide smoothly and effortlessly!”

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Sharmila Ganguly, Bangalore

9. Sharmila Ganguly, Bangalore
“Opt for an oil-free primer instead of a moisturizer as a makeup base.  The Laura Mercier primer is lightweight and creates a flawless canvas for foundation application. Nothing screams summer like bronzed skin does, but avoid shimmery/liquid /cream bronzers, as they will not hold up in the heat.”

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Sharmila Ganguly, Bangalore

10. Kashika Kapur, Delhi
“Summers can make your skin oily, so your secret to glowing (but not shining) during the hot months is oil-free makeup. After applying an adequate amount of primer, apply an oil-controlling foundation instead of an oil-based one. Make sure your makeup is waterproof so it lasts and keeps you looking radiant all day. Brides should always wear sunscreen to keep their skin protected from the scorching sun!

Kashika Kapur, Delhi

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