Pictures from your pre-wedding photo shoot are meant to be treasured for a lifetime. So make sure you exude perfection in your looks and a standout personality that matches the photographic results you are aiming for. Refer to this makeup cheat sheet for ideas and inspiration.

1. Blue and Beautiful
Akriti’s sapphire-tinted eyes by makeup artist Nandini Advani are giving us high fashion vibes; And if you’re unsure about how it will be received, you should know that it has been approved by Kim Kardashian! For an intense kick of color, you can build turquoise eyeliner up along the lower lashline too.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

2. Effortless Elegance
Sticking to the basics sometimes is all you need to do - just like makeup artist Hemal Thakkar did for Priyanka. Pink lips, flawless skin, and thick eyeliner are the easiest ways to achieve a look that is uncomplicated and versatile. The best part of this look is that is easily be layered for a more glamorous vibe.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

3. Mystical Minimalism
Nothing looks fresher than makeup that lets your natural skin take center stage. Take a cue from makeup artist Vrinda Makhija’s accents for Nehaa that focused on fresh, clean skin with just enough product for that natural look. Be sure to finish with nude or pale pink lips for that slight dash of color.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

4. Coral Crush
A pretty coral lip color adds a summery, breezy vibe to any look. Makeup artist Serena Rayani teamed this tropical hue with minimal, barely-there eyeshadow for a youthful look that epitomizes the holiday essence of summer.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

5. Gloss and Glow
Luminous complexion and glossy visages are the must-flaunt trends this season. Makeup artist Aditi Dubey made the most of Shagun’s clear and healthy shine by keeping the lip color and eye makeup muted and subtle.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

6. Pearly Perfection
Harshita’s look by makeup artist Poonam Lalwani is a classic. Dewy skin, subtly smoky eyes, and chiseled cheekbones with a simple pearly highlight - this look will look fresh even years later when you revisit your pictures.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

7. Classic Cola
Colors like brown continue to dominate the bridal beauty scene, especially on major occasions that require a warm yet classy look. If all brown feels too much, check out how makeup artist Mya Dang combined it with pink for a youthful edge.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

8. Safety First
If you want to play it safe, stick to a neutral color palette just like makeup artist Aditi Mehra did for Palak. You can even match the color of your lips with your eyeshadow and buff over high points of your face to give skin a warm, summery feel.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

9. Sultry & Smoky
Get experimental with dark smoky eyes by adding some color and turning down the intensity for a more subdued look. Mehal’s look by Zorain’s Studio followed a similar strategy and her soft, lavender, smoky eyes and plum lips gave her an elegantly regal vibe that's not to overpowering for day shoots.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

10. Edgy Balance
Black eyeshadow is often associated with the edgy grunge look. However, it can be adapted to a more chic mainstream look if paired cleverly with specific lip colors. GlossNGlass gave Ashna dark smokey eyes but juxtaposed it with a light brown lip color which provided an interesting contrast and looks arresting in photos.

10 Makeup Looks For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

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