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10 Stunning Sangeet Hairdos To Help You Steal The Show

From loose to twisted, low buns to bouncy ringlets, our curated list of trending hairstyles will have you turning heads at any sangeet.

The sangeet one of the most fun events at any wedding with lots of music, dancing and a fun vibe. Plan your entire look carefully and pay attention to your hairstyle which will ensure that you rock at the next bash. Check out the top 10 stylish hairstyles that you can flaunt with flair at the next sangeet.

1. Disney Diva
If you have grown up watching Jasmine and Aladdin’s magical romance on screen, it is time to channel your inner Disney princess. Wear your hair in this sectioned style to look like a spitting image of Disney’s exotic princess.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- WeddingNama

2. Loose & Lovely
If you like to keep things uncomplicated, you can go for an au naturel coif. Scrunch up your mane or straighten it out to match your look, and then let it fall to frame your face. This one is an easy yet graceful look.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- CoolBluez Photography

3. Posh Pouf
Did you know that this modern day do has its roots in the days of the French monarchy? Created by Queen Marie Antoinette’s favorite royal hairdresser as a towering bouffant, this style has scaled down to become a smaller version of the original rendition. However, it still remains as big on the fashion scene.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Shades Photography

4. Curl & Twirl
What’s a better place to show off your luscious long locks than at a big, fat Indian wedding? Dress them up in pillow soft curls to add some texture, and then let them cascade down your shoulder. An easy way to make the length more manageable is to tuck away a small section behind your ear, which you can secure with a pin.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- The Lightsmiths

5. Braided Beauty
If you fancy looking like a charming princess of an enchanted forest, this whimsical braided crown is what you need. You can pull out a few flyaway strands to create a delicate, whimsical look. To add further allure, you can style your locks in loose curls.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Joseph Radhik

6. The Middle Path
A clean middle parting is both traditional and trendy. Upgrading the look with a ‘maang tikka’ (head ornament) and a ‘matha patti; (forehead band) is the easiest way to take your ethnic glamor up a notch. If you don’t wish to let your hair loose, you can always style your tresses into a low twisted pony tail.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Sephi Bergerson

7. Do The Updo
The one hairstyle that has lasted the test of time is the classic bun. From the black and white pictures of your grandmother to today’s runway looks, this hairdo has enduring appeal. Its no-fuss vibe is easy to maintain even through long, boisterous sangeet events. This style also frees up your shoulders and back so you can flaunt some interesting bling and ensemble designs.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Recall Pictures

8. No Stress Tress
If you want to dance the night away without having to bother about your hair, just sweep it into a graceful high pony tail. You can bling it up with glittering accessories such as hair beads, a tiara, a pretty headband for a girlish look, and even hair glitter.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Shades Photography

9. Fit for a Fairytale
Look like a princess with this style that incorporates a teased crown with ample ringlets spilling over the shoulders. The play of textures and volume make this a perfect look for your retro-themed sangeet.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Rock Paper Scissors

10. Trendy Twist
While the side twist works wonderfully for any length, it’s ideal for styling bangs. Twirl your hair right above your hairline and sweep it away from your face to one side. You can let the rest of your mane spill freely or tie it up depending on your preference.

Sangeet HairdosPhoto Courtesy- Photosynthesis by Aditi

Now that you have chosen your Sangeet hairstyle, here’s some help with finding your dream Makeup Artist and Hairstylist.

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