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10 Ways to Style your Hair with Florals this Wedding Season

From front-and-center floral crowns to a whisper of baby's breath, here are 10 fab ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding hairstyle.

Hey beautiful brides, show us your inner flower child! Hair accessories picked from the garden add a bohemian romance to any bridal ensemble. Flowers in your hair can enhance your hairdo with minimal effort – great news for low maintenance brides!

Whatever time of year, whether traditional blooms or exotic, matched to your color scheme or contrasting, flowers are versatile and beautiful.

We handpicked some tips and tricks that will inspire you to wear flowers at your wedding.

1. Flower Tiara
Flower crowns gained popularity a couple of years ago and those Snapchat filters are a surefire way to know they suit everyone! Try big daisies or tiny jasmines or voluptuous roses – pop it on and you’re gorgeous!

Flower Tiara Photo Courtesy- The Lightsmiths

2. Chignon with Flowers
You don’t have to wear your hair like a hippie – a glamorous updo will work with flowers just as well. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, have your stylist festoon your bun or chignon with a handful of wildflowers and it will complement your trousseau very easily.

Chignon with Flowers Makeup Artist- Tamanna Rooz

3. Flower Head Wreath
Unlike the tiara that emphasizes the top of the head and frames the forehead, the flower head wreath is all 60s green goddess glamor. It will sit beautifully on flowing waves or loose curls and is both natural and dramatic and a standout look at an al fresco wedding.

Flower Head Wreath Photo Courtesy- Doodle Studio

4. Side Bun with Flowers
A side swept hairstyle pinned back with frangipani flowers is another relaxed way to do beach wedding hair. It smells pretty sexy too.

Side Bun with Flowers Photo Courtesy- Picture Perfect India

5. The maiden from the meadow
Look like you just stepped out of an enchanted wood when you scatter a few baby’s breath blossoms into your hair for a look that is whimsy and magic and effortlessly chic.

The maiden from the meadow Photo Courtesy- The Lightsmiths

6. Blossoms in your braid
We all know that there’s something utterly romantic about a bride wearing fresh flowers in her braided hair. We love the addition of the bridal side-maang tikka to the strands of baby’s breath woven in her braid!

Blossoms in your braid Makeup Artist- Tamanna Rooz

7. A bouquet for a bun
If you’re wearing a bright saree, all you need is one colored flower to elevate the outfit. This gorgeous bride covered her entire bun in fragrant mogras for a very unique look that would work for a red and gold or white wedding.

A bouquet for a bun Photo Courtesy- Sephi Bergerson

8. Side Braid pinned with flowers
This would work with a traditional lehenga, a fusion ensemble or even a western outfit – it’s youthful and playful and is simply delightful to look at.

Side Braid pinned with flowers Photo Courtesy- Vinay Venugopal Photography and Roma Ganesh Photography

9. Quintessential Gajra in a bun
Add a touch of exotica like this bride who layered mogra in a contemporary Indian way with this gorgeous gajra. A blend of culture and traditions, this style can be flaunted by brides whose weddings are a cross-cultural celebration.

Quintessential Gajra in a bun Photo Courtesy- Duke Photography

10. South Indian Bun with colorful mogras
The traditional South Indian bun includes a lot of flowers and for those of you who love a pop of color, add tinted mogras to the hairdo. They’ll blend gorgeously with your silk sarees.

South Indian Bun with colorful mogras Photo Courtesy- Rakesh Prakash Photography

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