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10 Wow Hairstyles for Summer Weddings

From messy braids to perky ponytails, we bring you 10 of the hottest hairdos for sultry summer weddings that are bound to up your coolness quotient .

It is natural to be stressed about your tresses during summer weddings, especially outdoor ones, as the heat and humidity can mar even the most carefully styled locks. However, our list of 10 pretty ideas below will add flair to your hair for warm wedding celebrations and keep you looking – and feeling – cool.

1. Braids & Blooms:
Pretty braids are trending right now as they spell youthful exuberance and playful style. You can add fresh blooms or charming sprigs in different colors to ‘dress up’ your braid. Just make sure the flowers match the colors of your ensemble. Take a cue from Sonam Kapoor‘s ‘mehndi/sangeet’ look where her braid was adorned in with a floral garland in a criss-cross manner.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Vinay Venugopal Photography and Roma Ganesh Photography

2. Classic Side:
You can’t go wrong with a classic side bun – it has a charming vintage vibe yet works well with even the most contemporary of outfits. Make this simple look more interesting with fresh, fragrant flowers like jasmine or roses that can easily be fixed around the bun.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Picture Perfect India

3. Disney-inspired Braids:
For brides who grew up admiring the charm of Disney characters such as Jasmine of ‘Aladdin,’ Belle of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ & Anna of ‘Frozen,’ it is time to channel your inner Disney princess with an effortless braid that is versatile enough to match any kind of ensemble.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- WeddingNama

4. Beautiful Mess:
Meghan Markle who wed Prince Harry recently opted for a loose, messy bun at her royal wedding. This style allows you to leave your shoulders and back bare in case you want to show off some dramatic back jewellery or a bold backless blouse. To soften this look further, arrange a few loose strands around your face and neck. Even VJ Rochelle Rao who wed Keith Sequeira recently opted for a deliberately messy bun around which she wore a simple glittery band.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Lin and Jirsa Photography

5. Perky Pony:
For brides who want a hassle-free hair style that looks haute as well, nothing beats the ease of a high ponytail. For that extra oomph factor, simply add a glittering accessory such as a hair band, bow or even a pretty tiara.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Shades Photography

6. Gajra Gorgeousness:
A traditional bun that sits at the nape of the bride’s neck never goes out of style especially when it is adorned with a beautiful garland of fragrant ‘mogra’ flowers. This style is perfect for brides who have long, thick hair and want to keep that weight off their back during hot, summer weddings. Check out actress Neha Dhupia‘s neat back bun adorned with a ‘gajra’ which she carried off comfortably at her recent daytime wedding.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Duke Photography

7. Glamorous Side Updo:
If you want to create waves at the next summer wedding, this style is just what you need. Perfect for those with naturally wavy hair, it can be styled to look messy or sleek with a few simple tweaks. A popular style for celebs walking the red carpet in Hollywood, this style lifts the weight of your hair off your shoulders, thereby making you look and feel cool.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Nadia D. Photography

8. Sensational Side-Swept Loose Braid:
The side-swept loose braid paired with delicate waves and a flower or two lends a girlishly elegant look that is perfect for daytime celebrations where ensembles can range from free-flowing dresses to light lehengas. Wear striking earrings with this hairdo to balance out the look.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Colomono

9. Breezy Bohemian:
Play up your free-spirited vibe at rocking summer weddings with loose side-swept locks and fix a pretty floral crown/headband around your head. This hairdo does not involve slick, product-heavy styling. Rather, it’s all about tousled, bohemian charm that’s chic at the same time.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- The Lightsmiths

10. Braided Tips Sock Bun:
A perfectly round high bun with a pretty braid circling it – what could look cuter than this hairdo that brings to mind a ballet dancer’s elegant vibe. Show off your long, graceful neck and an eye-catching choker with this style that may take some time to fix, but the effort will be worth it.

10 Wow HairstylesPhoto Courtesy- Fabio Azanha Photography

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