Whether you’re the type who’s singing in the rain or chanting ‘rain rain go away’, the monsoons are a seasonal reality and they take their toll on your hair, skin and of course, makeup. High humidity, getting caught without an umbrella or even the lack of sun can affect your look.

However, you can brighten up even the gloomiest day with these ideas from some of the leading makeup artists in the industry who tell us how they bring on their A-game in this weather.

Here are tips from the experts that will ensure nothing rains on your parade!

Mariyam Nagani
“The biggest monsoon beauty hack is waterproof make up! Especially if you live in Mumbai where the rains can be extremely unpredictable. If you don’t already have water-resistant products in your arsenal, this season is a good opportunity to invest in a mascara that won’t start running down your cheeks if you get caught in the rain.”

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

Priyanka Gupta
“Its the season to say hello to aloe! The sap from a fresh leaf of this plant is said to be packed with amino acids. It not only strengthens your hair but also keeps it moisturized, soft and frizz-free. Make sure that you're using the gel or sap across the entire length of the hair, right from the roots to the tips.”

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

Nikki Neeladri
“A gel lip tint or a lip stain is an essential for any monsoon makeup kit! It’s a product that guarantees a fresh, bright and natural-looking color that lasts for ages. It also saves you the hassle of touching up your makeup which has smudged or streaked in the rain. Apart from a lip color, it also doubles up as a blush which only further increases its appeal.”

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

Preeti Jain
“Humidity during the monsoon can make hair difficult to manage, but the real damage is caused due to rainwater. While the water in the clouds is pure, rain collects pollutants and dust particles on its way down. So if you happen to get drenched when it’s pouring outside, be sure to wash your hair when you get home. It helps make your hair less frizzy. Another great way to make your tresses look tame is with a cute braid or a stylish bun.”

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

Mrudula Thombre
“To fight the impact of the monsoon on your hair, you need to arm yourself with anti-frizz hair products. A nourishing leave-in serum instantly makes your hair a lot calmer. A good idea would be to team this with a spray-on mist. The lightweight product helps keep the tresses hydrated without weighing them down. This combination is sure to get you the silkiest strands.”

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

Kashika Kapur
“A rainy day is the moment to embrace the mantra ‘less is more’. The higher the number of layers of product you pack on your skin, the more difficult it is to fix if it gets wet. So opt for a simple, minimal look. Choose matte lip colors in soft hues instead of glossy, dark shades to avoid bleeding. If you do feel like jazzing up your look you could embrace a bright eye shadow!

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

Ashka Shukal
“The monsoon can be rough on the hair quite literally! However, there is a way to fix that. Multani mitti does wonders for the locks. Take two tablespoons of the powder, mix with water for a smooth paste, apply on the hair and wait for about 30 minutes before you rinse it off. Your hair will be softer and smoother.”

Beauty Hacks To Beat The Monsoons

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