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Be Holi ready with these skin and hair care tips

Shield your skin and hair from damage with these tips and enjoy a fun and fuss-free Holi.

Holi, the festival of colors has long been a favorite amongst Indians for the flurry of colorful fun it brings forth. Traditionally played with natural colors made from flowers and herbs, nowadays the gulaal has faded in favor of fancy store-bought color that’s replete with toxic dyes and chemicals which can cause allergies, rashes, and infections. For soon to be brides, breakouts and rashes caused by these chemicals can instantly dampen the excitement for the upcoming nuptials and can destroy months of careful planning in one go. Also, while organic colors are widely available in the market, one can never really keep track of the authenticity of most of them while being smeared on one’s face at a crowded party. Keeping the above in mind, here’s a quick compilation of pre and post-care tips that’ll ensure your Holi is fun and fret-free!

Skin and haircare tips for holi

Pre-Holi routine:

Give coconut oil a go:
Indian women have always relied on the age-old coconut oil with its nourishing properties, and for good reason too. Massaging your hair and scalp with coconut oil an hour before you step out to get yourself drenched in water and smeared with color, prevents the dyes present in the colors from staining your scalp and sticking to your strands, while simultaneously preventing dry ends.

Go generous on the lotion the day before:
One of the most useful and essential tips on this list, slathering on a generous amount of lotion before you step out to party can really make a difference. The lotion creates a barrier between the skin and the harmful colors which makes it easier for you to wash off. This also ensures that your skin absorbs minimal amount of these toxic chemicals. Applying lotion an hour before you step out is highly recommended as your skin stays moist and all the color particles stay atop the layer of lotion.

Skin and haircare tips for holi

Get those glares out:
Sporting a funky pair of sunglasses or classy cat-eye sunglasses doesn’t just give you Instagram-worthy Holi pictures, but it also protects your eyes from infections that may be caused due to the chemical-laden colors. Reach out for a pair that’s big enough to protect the area around your eyes too so that the delicate under-eye area doesn’t have to take the rigors of cleaning later on.

Safety first:
An open wound or cut in the skin can make it extremely easy for toxic chemicals in the colors to enter the bloodstream. To avoid such a hazardous situation, it’s vital that all such wounds are carefully covered up with band-aid before you step out to play. Additionally, it’s best to avoid the toxic colors if you’ve been diagnosed with a skin condition or have recently undergone a skin treatment.

Skin and haircare tips for holi

Layer up:
Applying a layer of Vaseline around the nose, eyes, and ears ensures that the small color particles don’t enter the crevices of your face. Scarves, stoles and full-sleeved shirts or kurtas keep you safe from staining and keep sun exposure to the minimum, thus, limiting the damage to your skin.

Screen out the sun:
An everyday essential, sunscreen, is a must-have in every individual’s kit. However, for the occasion of Holi it’s better to amp things up a bit and invest in a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF 50 to keep the harmful UV rays at bay. A spray-on sunscreen for the hair will also keep your mane protected from the damaging rays while you’re making a splash.

Skin and haircare tips for holi

Save the sparkler:
Even though parting with your engagement ring may be out of the question for you, its highly recommended that you leave your much-loved sparklers and other baubles behind specially when stepping out to play holi. Doing so, will spare you the extra energy and effort of getting color particles out of its nooks and crannies while keeping your ring squeaky clean.

Paint your nails the day before:
Our nails bear the brunt of Holi with stubborn stains and color particles. The easiest way to prevent messy looking multi-hued nails post Holi, is by applying a coat of nail polish the day before. Not only does this step prevent staining but it also keeps your nails protected from harmful chemicals while making you look well-groomed.

Skin and haircare tips for holi

Post Holi care routine:

Practice Patience:
Scrubbing hard to get the colors off is a big no-no when it comes to after holi skincare. Opt for gentle cleansing instead, and practice patience if the color doesn’t come out in one go. Look out for cleansers and shampoos that have minimal alcohol or fragrance as these ingredients can further damage your skin and hair.

Invest in some mask magic:
Some skin damage in Holi is inevitable. However, prompt action can minimize the after-effects and speed up the recovery time. Invest in hydrating masks that’ll bring the glow back to your skin and leave it nourished. Those with combination skin can also experiment with multi-masking to target specific problem areas of the face. For the hair, a repairing hair mask works wonders on frayed hair ends.

Skin and haircare tips for holi

Invade the pantry for home remedies:
In Indian households, various concoctions that benefit skin and hair made from neem, besan, milk, and lemons have been passed on for generations. Home remedies like a besan and milk scrub or a neem and tomato mask for detoxing the skin are extremely effective in reducing the after-effects of holi. These masks are especially effective for sensitive skin as the natural ingredients retain the pH balance of the skin while providing the nourishment it needs.

Keep the hydration levels high:
Bouts of rigorous cleansing and patient scrubbing are bound to leave the skin thirsty for moisture to repair itself. Quenching your skin’s thirst with a hydrating moisturizer speeds up the recovery process. Scan the ingredient list carefully for fragrance, alcohol or any other irritants before buying. Moisturizers that list water or aqua as the first ingredient that come in a gel form can be used by a variety of skin types. Additionally, you can also insert a hydrating serum or an overnight sleeping mask in your nighttime routine for a couple of weeks to pamper your skin.

Skin and haircare tips for holi

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