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Hair Coloring Tips For The Wedding – from the diaries of Top Hairstylists.

Your hair is the finishing touch to your bridal look. We had 5 expert hairstylists answer all your color related queries.

Are you going to color your hair? What sort of color? Will it suit you?

There’s no room for guesses when it comes to your tresses.

And while you’re juggling a dozen different wedding prep details, you shouldn’t be losing hair over this important part of your look.

We collected the most cutting FAQs and asked 5 top hairstylists to answer them. Laksh Singh, Hasina Sheikh, Pinky Asnani, Poonam Solanki, and Kuhu Guptaa are here to take a weight off your shoulders.

Q1. I’ve never colored my hair. What’s the ideal time to get it colored before the wedding?
Poonam: “If the bride is getting her hair colored for the first time, it’s best to visit the colorist at least 15 to 20 days prior to ensure the final color is what she envisioned.”

Pinky: “Coloring is a permanent chemical treatment that won’t fade for a couple of months. And it grows out from the roots so it’s best to get it done ten days before the functions begin.”

Q2. If I need a change in color for the wedding, when should I visit the colorist?
Laksh: “If it’s a big change, I’d recommend getting it done 2 weeks before the wedding. But if you’re just looking for a retouch or an upgrade to a similar shade, a buffer of a week should be fine just in case it doesn’t look exactly as you hoped it would.”

Hasina: “We need the color to look fresh and new for the revelries, so for a change in color, a week before the wedding is always suggested.”

Hair Coloring Tips For The Wedding

Q3. Should I bleach my hair while coloring or not?
Pinky: “It depends on what style and color you choose. Highlights in lighter tones stand out best on bleached hair. But if bleaching is not an option, you could try a global hair color which doesn’t require bleaching agents.”

Kuhu: “Living in an era where technology is so advanced, bleaching hardly makes any difference. We use mild, good quality products to make sure the hair doesn’t get damaged. And, yes, there are various color options that can be achieved without bleach too.”

Q4. What are the most popular shades that suit the Indian skin-tone?
Kuhu: “Balayage of French browns, as well as Parisian Chocolate are both very much on trend and they look great on Indian women.”

Poonam: “Brides these days are daring to go bold so the color range has expanded. However, I believe, Warm Caramel, Honey, Golden, and Neutral Brown are still the safest for Indian hair.”

Hair Coloring Tips For The Wedding

Q5. If my hair is dry and brittle, what precautions should I take while coloring?
Kuhu: “While coloring, we always recommend mixing products like SmartBond and OlaPlex with the hair color. Post the color, we suggest color protect and hair repair treatments. After this, you need appropriate home care using a professional range which includes a color protect shampoo, hair mask and leave-in serum.”

Pinky: “If your hair is brittle and dry, I’d suggest using Olaplex. It reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair and is often known as the bond multiplier.”

Q6. The best products/remedies to maintain my hair color.
Laksh: “Ever heard of ‘Dadima Ke Nuskhe’? Well, they are famous for a reason! Mixing a little lemon with hot oil can truly work wonders on your hair! You could also use the hot turban therapy after wash. You’ll have to do this regularly for it to be effective.”

Poonam: “Kerastase has some great shampoos for colored hair. I’d also suggest brides or anyone who colors their hair to stay away from products that contain parabens and sulfates.”

A small tip for the honeymoon as well:
Pinky: “Coloring your hair is exciting but there is always a fear of damage. However, if you take the correct precautions, you’ll rarely face those ‘bad hair days’! I have two pieces of advice. First, stay away from sulfate and chlorine. While the former will strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture, the latter will fade your color making your hair look dry. Also, don’t fret about the pool on your romantic escape. Just wet your hair, use conditioner, tie it in a bun, put on your swim cap and dive in!”

Hair Coloring Tips For The Wedding

Q7. Given the pollution and climate of India, what hair spa/ home remedy would you suggest post hair color?
Kuhu: “Get your scalp and hair analyzed to figure out which ritual fits your hair needs. Also, I suggest a good quality leave-in that protects your hair from all the pollution and dust.”

Poonam: “The Moroccan oil hair spas work wonders! You could also opt for budget-friendly home remedies like a mixture of honey, egg whites and olive oil which are great for natural strength and shine. For dry hair, I’d recommend an avocado, banana and honey paste. You can thank me later!”

Hair Coloring Tips For The Wedding

In conclusion, all you need is expertise, time, an after-care regimen and you’ll be able to let your hair down at your wedding and look like a million bucks.

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