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Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before Booking A Makeup Artist

From airbrush to high shine, here’s everything you need to know about different kinds of bridal makeup.

After finalizing your wedding outfits, your next big task is to book a makeup artist – someone who will make you look (and feel) like a million bucks on your big day. But even before you zero in on a professional, you need to think about what look will suit you best. While you may fancy a particular finish, there are factors to consider, such as whether it will suit your skin type, outfit and event.

Knowing all your options is your best bet to choosing the perfect look. We got some WeddingSutra Favorites to share their expert opinions on different looks, styles and products so that you know exactly what to ask for, and with the correct terminology.

High Definition Makeup or HD Makeup – Blemished, Uneven Skin
“Conventional makeup and HD makeup have similar application techniques. The only difference is that HD makeup gives you a more natural look. It eliminates skin imperfections without making your face look blurry when compared to a standard finish,” explains bridal makeup artist Nishtha Bhandari.

On your wedding day, you will be moving around constantly and getting your pictures taken. You don’t want a finish that’ll make your skin’s imperfections stand out with the camera’s flash and you need something that’ll last throughout the function. Ace makeup artists Simran Khemani and Nandini Advani agree on this, saying, “This style is great for people who intend to be photographed a lot. The makeup contains reflective particles such as mica, quartz, crystals or silicone, which diffuses light and masks imperfections.”

Kajol R Paswwan adds, “HD makeup is what most celebrities and international professional makeup artists swear by as it gives a very natural, non-cakey, soft and flawless look. HD makeup looks sheer while hiding flaws such as uneven texture, blemishes, pores and scars. It’s makeup every bride dreams of – it feels featherlight and camouflages imperfections.”

Richa Thakkar agrees, saying, “It helps your skin look flawless. If you have an uneven skin tone, scars or visible pores, HD makeup is for you.” Ramya Hanu adds, “HD makeup is the most common type of makeup, especially in the form of foundation and loose powder. The final finish is soft and natural rather than heavy.”

Types Of Bridal MakeupMakeup Artist: Puneet Saini, Photo Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Airbrush Makeup – Healthy Skin
This technique does not use the typical brushes, sponges and beauty blenders for application. Ramya Hanu explains, “The products are sprayed on to the face with the help of an air compressor or air gun. As the products are sprayed on in thin layers, it takes the shape of the skin, covering the pores and making you look flawless.

Nishtha Bhandari pitches in, “Thousands of fine, mist-like particles are sprayed through the air nozzle, creating a fine film on your skin, making the skin look flawless yet natural for HD cameras as well as in the real world.”

Simran Khemani and Richa Thakkar both say that the technique is for a bride who wants a perfect yet natural finish. It is both long-lasting and waterproof.

Kajol R Paswwan talks about hygiene and says, “Your skin is not in contact with hands, brushes or sponges. If you have extremely sensitive skin, this can be a good option. It gives superb full coverage. One of the best advantages of airbrush makeup is that it looks fresh for almost 12 hours.

Nandini Advani, however, has an opposing view. She says, “If applied well, it can create a natural finish. Otherwise, it can appear heavy, cakey and artificial. Brides have seen that their skin looks so perfect to the extent that it resembles a mask.”

Types Of Bridal MakeupMakeup Artist: Kajol R Paswwan

Mineral Makeup – Sensitive Skin
Nandini Advani gives her take on mineral makeup, saying, “Minerals such as iron oxides, talc and zinc oxide are micronized or ground and milled into tiny particles to create this makeup. It generally does not contain the emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients found in conventional formulations. Mineral products are usually preservative-free and fragrance-free.

Ramya Hanu adds, “This makeup tends to lend a natural glow or illumination because of the natural mineral ores. It doesn’t contain any dyes or synthetic substances. This is perfect for sensitive skin that tends to break out easily.”

Simran Khemani, Kajol R Paswwan and Richa Thakkar have similar opinions, saying that mineral makeup is highly pigmented, long-lasting and for brides with acne-prone and mature skin. It is significantly safer and contains SPF, which is perfect for outdoor shoots.

Types Of Bridal Makeup
Types Of Bridal Makeup

Photo Courtesy: Harleen Deol Photography

Natural Makeup – All Skin Types
Nishtha Bhandari says, “It’s ‘second skin’ makeup; it gives the illusion of perfect skin, even if you don’t have it. It uses the effects of light and dark to create a pleasing look. Natural makeup is meant to enhance the wearer’s features without being loud. Ramya Hanu agrees, saying, “As the name suggests, any makeup finish that seems as close to natural skin as possible is called natural makeup. It takes a lot of skill to use as little product as possible to achieve great results.

Simran Khemani says, “This is for the bride who wants to look and feel like herself but enhance her natural features. It can bring out the best you on your special day. Richa Thakkar adds, “It does not contain multiple layers of makeup and enhances features without going overboard with colors.

Kajol R Paswwan gives her opinion, saying, “It focuses on bringing out your features wherever required while keeping it minimal, subtle and effortless. This look works best during spring and summer.”

Types Of Bridal Makeup
Types Of Bridal Makeup

Makeup Artist: Nandini Advani (Left) and Nikki Neeladri (Right)

High Shine Makeup – Clear, Dry Skin
“High Shine Makeup is glossy and shiny. It is made using liquid products and tons of highlighter – think glossy eyelids and glossy lips. This is often confused with dewy finish makeup in the bridal industry, which actually refers to ‘glowing from within’ skin. This look is achieved with minimal face powders along with illuminating, dewy-finish foundations and a minimum amount of highlighters,” shares Nandini Advani.

Ramya Hanu adds, “This is more of a finish or style. It is characterized by the use of silver or champagne colors for fairer skin and bronze, gold, or copper tones for medium to dark complexions. Loads of illuminator, highlighter and essential oils are used to achieve a glossy finish. Glitter can also be used to add more bling.”

Nishtha Bhandari says, “There has been a recent resurgence of lip gloss and the ’90s beauty product is now being embraced again. Except this time, gloss is going all over the face. Unlike highlighters of the cream, liquid, and powder varieties, gloss gives the skin a reflective finish. It’s a fun look for those with dry skin.”

Types Of Bridal Makeup
Types Of Bridal Makeup

Makeup Artist: Nishtha Bhandari (Left), Photo Courtesy: Psycharitra Mayank (Right)

Matte Makeup – Combination to Oily skin
Nandini Advani’s take on this is, “Matte makeup is the finish that the skin receives after makeup application. Matte skin is void of any excess oil, shine and radiance. It has a more velvety finish that pulls light inward, often with a powdery texture.

Ramya Hanu adds, “The goal is to use mattifying, oil-absorbing products. From primers to foundations to blushes, all should be mattifying or have a velvet finish. Kajol R Paswwan adds, “It can hide the skin imperfections effectively giving a smooth and comfortable finish.

Nishtha Bhandari says, “Matte makeup is surely the way to achieve that perfect porcelain finish on your skin. It is a type of makeup that gives a completely matte finish to the face. Going matte can be helpful to ensure that your makeup stays in place for a long time, even without repeated touch-ups.” Simran Khemani and Richa Thakkar agree, saying that this style of makeup will make your skin look smooth and perfect and keep you looking flawless all day and night.

Types Of Bridal Makeup
Types Of Bridal Makeup

Makeup Artist: Ramya Hanu (Left), Kajol R Paswwan (Right)

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