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20 Ways to wear the Maang Tikka

Get inspired and choose an avatar of this gorgeous, traditional bridal adornment that is as unique as you are.

Wedding jewellery is an integral part of the Indian bride’s trousseau. Resplendent in her bridal finery, the jewellery she wears is not just to accessorize, but has age-old significance. The mangalsutra for fidelity, the kamarbandh to assert her authority as householder, the anklets for joy… An important part of the Indian bride’s solah shringaar is the mystical maang tikka. Worn on her ajna chakra, seat of intuition, it has deep significance.

Modern brides can now choose from an elaborate maang tikka to an understated mathapatti; this accessory brings elegance to every bridal look. This beautiful ornament continues to evolve in design and style and WeddingSutra’s editors bring you 20 ways to wear the maang tikka on your big day.

1. Chaand Tikka
This is a classic design that has been a popular favourite for years. It typically features beautiful pearl and polki accents which add elegance to traditional mehndi and wedding looks.

Photo Courtesy- SHADES

Photos Courtesy- Picture Perfect India / Bhumi & Simran Photography

2. Borla
This stunning spherical maang tikka is crafted in meenakari with stones and diamonds. It is a traditional adornment in the Marwari community. Its name is derived from the jujube fruit, bor in Hindi. The borla brings a touch of royalty to the Rajput bride.

Photo Courtesy- Design Aqua Studio / Dream Frame Studio

Photo Courtesy- Sam And Ekta – Sonder frames

3. Stone and Diamond Maang Tikka
If diamonds are this bride’s best friend, this chic, luxe maang tikka brings diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires together via geometry in white gold. Gorgeous!

Photo Courtesy- Picture Perfect India

Photo Courtesy- Rock Paper Scissors / Dotdusk

4. Crescent Maang Tikka
The perfect crescent, this maang tikka is beautifully simple with kundan or stone work and set in a golden half-moon. Perfect for a bride looking for a light-weight maang tikka.

Photo Courtesy- Shantanu Bedarkar Photography

Photo Courtesy- Anoop Padalkar Photography / Colomono

Photo Courtesy- The Lightsmiths

5. Single String Maang Tikka
The very trendy matha patti is a single strand that hangs down the ajna chakra. Understated and yet acquiescent to tradition, this is for the minimalist bride.

Photo Courtesy- Cupcake Productions / Sharad Shiromani Photography

Photo Courtesy- Recall Pictures

Photo Courtesy- Design Aqua Studio

6. Double String Maang Tikka
Slightly more opulent than the single-string, this double-strand sits across the bride’s forehead and looks regal with its pearl and stone ornamentation.

Photo Courtesy- Wedding Reels

7. Multiple String Maang Tikka
There’s no denying that this multiple strand maatha patti is a big favourite with brides. And why not? It is a statement piece drawing attention to itself and the bride, encircling the crown of her head and sitting gracefully, row upon row of pearls,kundan or polki.

Photo Courtesy- Noop Fotos / Rahul Arora Photography

8. Gold Maang Tikka
Nothing but pure gold; this absolutely straight-up, pendant maang tikka is elegant and timeless!

Photo Courtesy- Heavenly Junction

Photo Courtesy- Fotosutra / Reelsandframes

9. Hairline Hugger
Worn higher than usual, just kissing the hairline, this matha patti frames the bride’s face and draws attention to her eyes and facial features.

Photo Courtesy- Sharik, Monica & Hari, Phuket Best Photography, Nitesh Square Photography

10. Elaborate Maatha Patti
The perfect complement to a strong individualistic personality, this stunning, heavy matha patti with intricate work will be the cynosure of all eyes! Pair this with a simple nathani for a look that is a statement.

Photo Courtesy- Bitframes (Kerala)

Photo Courtesy- Cupcake Productions

Photo Courtesy- Ramit Batra

11. Kundan Maang Tikka
Kundan work is traditional to the solah shringaar. This gorgeous maang tikka, crusted with uncut diamonds will be the perfect addition for a bride who wants her wedding jewellery set in kundan.

Photographs Courtesy- Payal Kumar

12. Minimalist Maang Tikka
Just a little nod to tradition, this petite maang tikka can work wonders for the bride looking to keep it simple. Let the chain lie on the parting or ask the hairstylist to conceal it in your hair.

Photos Courtesy- Stories by Joseph Radhik / PhotozAapki

Photo Courtesy- Photo Tantra

13. Mughal Maang Tikka
Heritage glamour, the majestic Mughal inspired maang tikka from the skilled hands of a gifted kaarigar features an intricate design studded with polki and beads, peeking out beautifully from just below the dupatta covering the bride.

Photos courtesy- The Wedding Salad

14. Passa or Jhoomar
The traditional ornament of the Muslim bride, a jhoomar or passa is worn along with the maang tikka on the left side of the head, elevating their look to royalty.

Photo Courtesy- PhotozAapki / Ramit Batra

15. Polki Maang Tikka
If you have a beautifully large forehead, you’ll be able to carry off this stunning maang tikka made out of polki set in gold.

Photo Courtesy- Rock Paper Scissors Photography

16. South Indian Maatha Patti
The traditional South Indian maatha pattis are a mesmerizing combination of red and green stones and pearls. Elaborate and intricate, they enhance the bridal ensemble.

Photo Courtesy- Nagendra Mayya Photography

17. Tear Drop Maang Tikka
Brides with close features or smaller faces could opt to wear this classic teardrop maang tikka with coloured or white stones, set amidst smaller pale semi precious gems.

Photo Courtesy- WeddingNama

Photo Courtesy- Morvi Kumari

Photo Courtesy- Romesh Dhamija Productions

18. Tiara Maang Tikka
Bringing in a little drama, the ultra chic bride’s tiara style maang tikka sits royally on her crown giving her a unique look.

Photos Courtesy- Anoop Padalkar

Photo Courtesy- Colomono

19. Charm Maang Tikka
This modern, clever maang tikka, with its multiples of lightweight charms is perfect for the youthful, playful bride, especially at a sangeet or mehndi.

Photo Courtesy- Photosynthesis by Aditi

20. Circular Maang Tikka
A dramatic, bold statement, this maang tikka is very much a statement piece. The circle at the centre of a bride’s forehead is guaranteed to perfectly complement any style of jewellery and give the bride a distinct look on her wedding day.

Photographs Courtesy- Payal Kumar

Photo Courtesy- Ramit Batra

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