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5 Bridal Passas You’ll Love

Flaunt a perfect passa to make a regal style statement this wedding season.

Did you know that the word ‘passa’ is an Urdu word that means ‘one side’. When it comes to jewellery, passa refers to traditional hair jewellery carried down from the Mughal era which is pinned to one side of the head (typically the left), but can also be fixed in the centre or right according to modern trends. Indian brides commonly accessorize the passa with a maang tikka. These days, passas can be paired with different bridal ensembles and are perfect for a themed sangeet or mehndi. Check out five passas that real brides have worn on their special day below.

Pearl Passa
Exude the elegance of a traditional Mughal bride with a passa that features pearl strands linked together with intricate gold work and green beads. Pair this ornate wonder with a matching ‘satlada haar’ (seven-strand necklace) and a beautiful bridal ensemble dupatta for that extra regal edge.

Bridal PassasPhoto Courtesy- Cupcake Productions

Embellished Passa
This blinged-up passa has a modern vibe with crystals, diamonds and silvery white beads. Sport it like statement jewellery and push the envelope by pairing it with a Western gown too. Try and get matching dangling earrings crafted so you have a complete set to rock your look with.

Bridal PassasPhoto Courtesy- Picture Perfect India

Minimalist Passa
If you love the simplicity of dual tones, opt for a minimalist passa such as this one which features gold links and pearls set in crescent patterns. With delicate gold filigree work twinkling at the base, this passa is perfect to wear if the rest of your jewellery is on the heavy side.

Bridal PassasPhoto Courtesy- PhotozAapki

Elaborate Passa
If you want every layer of your jewellery to display awe-inducing craftsmanship, try an elaborate passa such as this one. Its imposing size packs in many interesting details such as tassels and intricate motifs. It’s best to pair this with a smaller maang tikka to balance out the look.

Bridal PassasPhoto Courtesy- Bhumi & Simran

Tasseled Passa
Look beautifully coordinated with a special passa where the beads at the border of the tassels match or contrast your wedding ensemble. This passa features pearls and crimson beads alongside dull gold bands that stand out in a lovely contrast with the lighter lehenga and dupatta.

Bridal PassasPhoto Courtesy- Kamal Kiran Photography

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