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Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Sindhi Bride

From waist to forehead and ornate arm ornaments, a Sindhi bride's jewellery trousseau is crafted for every aspect of her look.

The Sindhi community is known for its sharp business acumen, lavish living and adherence to strong traditions that are influenced by Hindu and Sufi factors. Spread across the globe, they have made their name in diverse fields and have the affluence and visibility to influence trends in the world of fashion and style. All these traditional and contemporary factors can be seen in their jewellery designs where gold and diamonds reign supreme.

Sindhi brides layer on multiple exquisite pieces with charm and finesse owing to the decades-old traditions that have been passed down the generations. From a dainty nath to a striking maang tikka, one can always count on a modern Sindhi bride to fuse two distinctly different elements in her own unique way.

So, if you’re a Sindhi bride aiming for a traditional look on your big day, here’s a quick jewellery guide to help you put together a stunning collection.

Maang Tikka:
A gem-studded pendant for the forehead, the maang tikka is of prime importance to the Sindhi bride. One of her most standout ornaments, this headgear is usually studded with precious gemstones.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhotos Courtesy: Richa Verma and Kalwant Singh Photography

Kundan Lambo Sago:
A statement necklace crafted out of precious kundan and paired with a bold locket, the kundan lambo sago is probably the longest necklace in the Sindhi bride’s jewellery box.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhotos Courtesy: Taha Naeem Weddings and South Asian Bride Magazine

Similar to the Punjabi bride’s nath design, the sindhi nath is also exquisitely simple and comprises a gold hoop and a chain that is hooked in the bride’s hair. However, in some cases, a bride often chooses to amp up their look with a nath that features floral motifs.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: The Wed Capture

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Israni Photography

A gem-studded gold bracelet with a chain and ring that slips onto the fingers, the poncho is a must-have in the Sindhi bride’s jewellery box for the sheer amount of dazzle it adds to her look.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Morvi Images and Anita Dongre

A jeweled waist belt, the taragdee not only emphasizes a bride’s curves, but also helps her manage her heavy lehenga. Crafted out of gold, kundan, and richly hued stones, this impressive accessory continues to be a popular item with modern brides.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Cupcake Productions and Sabyasachi

The pride of every North Indian bride, especially those from the Punjabi community, the chooda is a set of bright red and white/light beige bangles that are worn by the Sindhi bride on her wedding, and for 40 days after the marriage.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: The Royal Affair and Epic Stories

A glittering multilayered necklace crafted out of golden beads and featuring gem-encrusted pendants, the dhuri is one of the most extravagant pieces that a Sindhi bride is expected to wear on her wedding day.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Nehal Boutique and Ashraf Shaikh

Anklets that tinkle with every step, the humble payal is seldom since it’s typically hidden under the bridal lehenga. However, they find a firm place in her overall look, especially in those stunning feet shots which feature beautiful henna patterns.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Deep Joshi and RJS Company

A gem-studded choker necklace designed with stunning dropstones, the gulband is usually paired up with a longer necklace and can be adjusted according to the bride’s comfort and look.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Dipak Studios and Sabyasachi

Patti Chooda:
Luxurious bangles studded with one to ten-pointer diamonds, the patti chooda dazzles on the bride’s wrists and reflects every light in the room prettily as she goes about the wedding ceremony.

Jewellery for Sindhi BridesPhoto Courtesy: Tanzeel Khan Photography

Here are a list of stores where you can find Sindhi jewellery to suit your tastes:
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