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Biggest Engagement Ring Trends To Look Out For In 2020

From oval cut diamonds, gorgeous open styles to colourful gemstones, everything you need to know about the engagement ring trends for the year ahead

Can’t resist double tapping on exquisite engagement rings on Instagram? We don’t blame you! With the diverse choices available today, picking one can be confusing. However, we sussed out all the top trends in engagement rings for 2020, and here are some recommendations.

Oval-Cut Diamonds
Bursting with brilliance, oval-shaped diamonds are elongated in shape, thus making it appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. The diamond’s shape has no sharp edges, so it’s less prone to chipping. Visually, it tends to elongate fingers, making them appear slender and long, which make them perfect for engagement rings. With the recent surge in celebrities opting for this beautiful shape, it’s an excellent and enduring option for modern brides.

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Gemstones and Colored Diamonds
Unconventional engagement rings with colored diamonds and vibrant gemstones signal the new wave in this area. They have been labelled as alternative engagement rings for couples celebrating their unique relationship rather than adhering to the status quo. These engagement rings come in a variety of shapes and colours, so you can take your pick from gorgeous garnets to stunning sapphires, and more.

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Multiple Stones
Meghan Markle might have started the multiple stone ring trend with her sparkler featuring three square-cut diamonds instead of one. It instantaneously spurred a resurgence of the classic engagement rings. Some designs have evolved to include contemporary touches and include a two-diamond as well multiple mini diamonds options.

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Platinum Setting
Naturally white, the rarest of precious metals and the most secure setting for diamonds and precious stones, platinum has risen in popularity, and 2020 will see it establish its dominance as the metal of choice for engagement rings. It creates the best pairing with your diamond due to its durability, endurance, and hypoallergenic properties. Platinum does not rust or get tarnished either, which means that your engagement ring can be passed down in your family for generations.

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For socially conscious couples purchasing engagement rings, environmental concerns and human rights in the process of their production are significant considerations. Following the path of sustainability, popular jewellery companies alongside fair-trade sourcing and transparent purchase give buyers verifiable proof of diamonds and colored stones. Taking small steps towards conflict-free and eco-friendly practices, green-certified local communities have come forward with a range of stunning and affordable options.

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Lab-created Diamonds
Due to cutting-edge technological advancements that replicate the natural diamond growing process, lab-created diamonds are trending considerably with the growing move to conscious consumerism in the jewellery industry. Not only do they cost a fraction of mined diamonds, they are also more ethical, conflict-free, and attract Gen Z buyers. The world’s diamond market leader, DeBeers, has also introduced an exquisite line of engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds for all environmentally-conscious jewellery lovers.

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Open Rings
Some brides are abandoning the centre stone altogether and choosing rings with pave-set bands or open-ended designs that reflect the current trend for torque jewellery. These slender rings with varied designs make for a fun alternative to the traditional rings. It allows brides to work with endless combinations of stone cuts, angles, shapes and sizes, creating something genuinely bespoke, elegant and comfortable.

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