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Bridal Jewellery Tips

Here are some tips that can help in making your jewellery more versatile for your special day.

The one time when most women indulge in jewellery shopping is at the time of their wedding. Often, most prospective brides rely entirely on their mothers to help them plan and put together their jewellery trousseau. And mothers usually collect jewellery for their daughters over the years. So brides-to-be usually force-fit the jewellery inherited or bought by their mother with the wedding outfits that they have carefully chosen for themselves. Here are some tips that can help in making your jewellery more versatile for your special day.

Photograph Courtesy- Dev Purbiya


Versatility- making new from old 

Heirloom pieces or mother’s jewellery form an important part of the bride’s trousseau. But with a little help from a trusted jewellery designer one can give an interesting spin to the traditional heavy jewellery. A pendant from a gold necklace set can be made into an interesting maang tikka or a jhumar(head ornament). A chandan haar can be converted into a kamardani (belt).

Photograph Courtesy- Jashn-e-Bahara


Versatility- many from one

Today diamonds are most brides-to-bes best friend and are an essential part of any bridal trousseau. You can derive value for money out of that diamond set in your collection by cleverly asking your jewellery designer to make the set flexible- where part of the necklace and earrings can be detached and then worn for less glitzier occasions.

If the diamond set has colored precious stones you can have flexibility to change the stones to compliment the outfit you’re wearing. The set becomes versatile and allows you to wear it with different outfits. You can transform your every-day solitaires into formal cocktail wear diamond earrings by making detachable earring attachments for your diamond studs.

Photograph Courtesy- Amar Ramesh


Hallmarking and Diamond Certification- a prudent option

It’s important to buy or insist on hallmarked jewellery.If the jewellery is diamond studded insist on a certificate for the diamonds from one of the certified laboratories and not the jewellery store’s certificate. Hallmarking and diamond certification ensures that you don’t get short changed.

And finally, try and ensure that your jewellery trousseau has a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

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