Most bridal wear designers concentrate on colour combinations, embroideries, the fit and the drape of the saree or lehenga; but very few pay attention to the most important part of the garment- the blouse. The truth is that the right blouse can make or break an outfit. Recently, the fashion world has been seeing a trend in Over-the-Top (OTT) blouses. These blouses can be combined with flowy shaded shiffons, or with heavy lehengas and sarees, to create an even more glamorous ensemble.

Gold/Silver Blouse

If you are on a budget, you should definitely consider investing in a rich looking gold or silver blouse. The advantage of buying these is that they can be combined with a garment of any colour- which in-turn will make the ensemble look different and give you a rather grander look. You can also wear these with light chiffons or georgettes for less formal events, or with heavy velvets and nets for champagne-corking moments!

The Contrast Blouse

Colour co-ordinating an ensemble is usually a no-no today. Contrast is in. Make sure that you add a touch of chutzpah to one of your old outfits, by simply changing the colour-coordinated blouse to a one that is of a strikingly different colour. For example, team red blouses with blue sarees or orange blouses with a baby pink lehenga. The more interesting the combination the newer the outfit will look.

The Cut of the Blouse 

Plunging necklines with short cap sleeves are the call of the season. If you are comfortable showing skin, go for spaghetti straps, halters or off-shoulder blouses. Many women make the mistake of not getting their blouses fitted to their body, because of which their outfit loses its glamour/ charm. Make sure that the blouse is neither too tight nor too loose- the ideal blouse should follow the lines of your torso.


Embellishments could be in the form of sequins, beads, embroideries, or crystals. The advantage of a heavily embellished blouse is that you can spend less money on the saree or lehenga and the outfit will still look as heavy. Further, an embellished blouse that is worn with a light garment makes for a more comfortable ensemble to move around in. If your budget doesnt allow you to buy a very heavily decorated blouse- strike a balance with embellishments only on the sleeves.

Whatever garment you decide on, make sure you do not ignore the blouse. Shop for these looks at www.indianhanger.com

Mallika Singhania is an author of multiple shopping guides for various cities in India. She is now running a site called, www.indianhanger.com, which features the latest trends by Indian designers for clothing and accessories. Since Mallika is so closely involved with the Indian fashion industry, she will give you regular tips on bridal and occassion wear.

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