A modern Indian wedding demands different looks for different functions. Gone are the days when a regular lehenga or saree would suffice. Today, it's the age of experimentation with colors that are opposite of traditional reds, cuts that are far from regular and fusion wear that incorporate the best elements of a saree, lehenga and gown. Designer Gaurav Gupta has his pulse on what modern brides want and his creations have often been described as experimental, futuristic and edgy. Yet, they are also feminine, breezy and comfortable as these 20 real brides show. Our picks of some of his most compelling creations, many of which are a hybrid between a saree-lehenga-gown, are winning the style stakes. Check them out below.

1. Sensational Saree Gown
An unconventional yet ethnic piece, this deep blue creation oozes elegance. Paired with an off-shoulder toga-style striped blouse, this ensemble is all about couture creativity and makes bride Jayshree look compelling.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Delhi

2. Gorgeous Grey
Cool and frosty never looked hotter! Bride Nikhaar looks like a vision in her light steel grey Frosted Sheen Saree Gown that has a dreamy vibe. Grey is not a typical color for weddings, but this one works splendidly with its minimalist accents to make her stand out.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Official

3. Stylish Swirls
This Shape Shifter Saree Gown may feature just one color, but it commands attention with its flowing details that resemble beautiful waves or ancient layers on a rock. Bride Aditi keeps the focus on the ensemble by wearing simple diamond jewellery which complements the outfit.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Delhi

4. The Burgundy Bombshell
A beautiful blend of intricate gold thread embroidery, net fabric and a stylish cut, this rich burgundy wonder worn by bride Aashumi is dramatic and dainty at the same time. Gaurav Gupta has stuck to a single color palette for the major part of this creation, and this strategy works well to focus attention on the structure and design of his creation.

Gaurav Gupta

5. Icy Warmth
The stylish and trendy Summiyya of the 'HouseofMisu' chose a customized saree gown by Gaurav Gupta. Its icy combination of pale blue and silver embellishments works like a charm and makes this lovely creation with its translucent drape, long sleeves and ruffled skirt perfect for day/night and indoor/outdoor events.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

6. The Steely Siren
Tassels, net, ruffles, an edgy blouse, embroidery - there’s a lot going on in this creation, but it all comes together beautifully. Grey is a classic and contemporary color that is very popular among contemporary brides these days. It also provides a strong and flattering contrast to warm colors such as most Indian skin tones.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: The Wedding Crashers

7. Fairytale Fabulosity
If you're the type of bride who loves experimenting, you too can push against bridal style rules like bride Sherry Shroff did in her saree-inspired white lehenga. Resplendent with white-on-white pearls and embroidered motifs, this creation wows with its draped shoulder tassels, layered and ruffled skirt and translucent sleeves.

Gaurav Gupta

8. Golden Treasure
With a golden swan perched on your shoulder, you can bet that this Gaurav Gupta ensemble will create a flutter wherever it is worn. With layers of ruffles at the base, this golden gown sparkles with drama and dazzling embellishments.

Gaurav Gupta

9. Blue Trio
This royal blue saree gown again plays up a single color palette and incorporates layers, ruffles and sparkling embellishments that blend in perfectly. Cut to flatter the figure; this ensemble is a haute hybrid creation incorporating a saree, gown, and a lehenga.

Gaurav Gupta

10. Beige Rage
This beige layered gown with a translucent bodice is understated in its color but features exquisite dull gold embroidery. Its toga-like one-shoulder drape adds to its delicate charm, and the gold jewellery is a perfect match with this color palette.

Gaurav Gupta

11. Mesmerizing Mermaid
The color, the flair, and shine - everything about this Gaurav Gupta creation screams cool couture. Bride Arty rocks this creation by pairing it with magnificent diamond jewellery. This is bridal red on a whole different level, and we approve!

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Mumbai

12. Midnight Muse
Gaurav Gupta incorporates many elements of sartorial drama into his ensembles, and this midnight blue gown is a perfect example with its structured ruffled skirt, translucent sleeve on one arm with a ruffled drape down one end, and an edgy blouse. This one deserves an encore.

Gaurav Gupta

13. Polished in Pearl
This Pristine Pearl Drip Gown worn by bride Raashi features contemporary elements that are perfect for a summer bride, from its pretty barely-there short sleeves to its elegantly layered and ruffled skirt and eye-catching pearly details. This ensemble spells youthful elegance loud and clear.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Mumbai

14. Tantalizing Twirls
Did your heart just skip a beat looking at this sensational ensemble? Well, ours did! The enchanting feathery vibe of the hem’s frills is nothing but the touch of Gaurav Gupta’s sartorial genius which he imparts to each creation. We can almost hear the Spanish flamenco music playing in the background…

Gaurav Gupta

15. Modern Masterpiece
Gone are the boring blouses and standard color combinations in this traditional lehenga which get a modern upgrade with the edgy blouse, interesting color combination, and overall styling. The traditional jewellery makes for a wonderful contrast in the overall look.

Gaurav Gupta

16. Crimson Charm
Bride Richa’s Crimson Red Sculpture Couture Gown features a modern neckline and elegant silhouette in a single crimson palette. It looks extremely comfortable, and this ensemble's beauty lies in the intricate layers and lines on the skirt. It just proves that you can stand out in one color if the cut and details are right.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Delhi

17. Demurely Daring
This gown teases with unconventional flourishes, from the asymmetrical waistline to the one-side sleeve and impressively wide frills. Perfect for a glamorous cocktail party, we love this ensemble's demure yet daring essence. Adventurous brides who love a vintage vibe should add this to their trousseau.

Gaurav Gupta

18. Queenly Poise
You could be forgiven for mistaking bride Sukha for a queen given the regal aura of this dress, from its raised neckline to the pretty cluster of scarlet ruffles at the hem and the deep neckline. This creation is designed to create an impact, and we bet the bride did just that when she wore it.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Mumbai

19. Lavender Loveliness
This lavender creation plays around with different shades of the same color and makes magical use of diverse textures, from the flimsy translucency of the dupatta to the glittering beauty of the embroidered skirt. This saree-lehenga scores high on comfort as there is no hassle of managing heavy pleats during long wedding ceremonies.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Mumbai

20. Perfect Princess
The beauty of bride Tanvi's Winter Dusk Gown is giving us 'Frozen' vibes! The ruffled off-shoulder sleeves and the delicate fabric work well with her matching jewellery and accentuate her warm skin tone.

Gaurav GuptaPhoto Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta Delhi

Brides, it's time to flaunt the best of both worlds - traditional and modern, ethnic alongside international - with designer Gaurav Gupta who knows how to cater to both sides with creations that push fashion boundaries and lure style-savvy brides.

Need more inspiration to plan your looks? Check out Bridal Fashion.

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