When it comes to bridal fashion, alternative jewellery is a trend that’s here to stay. It all began with floral jewellery but the freshness of that idea is beginning to fade. So what’s in store?

We bring you some fantastic creations that go beyond the blooms. They’re fashion statements that are different, creative and fresh as spring!

Go For Gota
Traditional as an embellishment in Rajasthan, gota work took over Indian fashion and jewelry. Its unique appearance comes from zari ribbon applique-d onto fabric and the effect is recreated in three dimensions for jewelry. With an auspicious significance, the gleaming metallic fabric crafted into trinkets looks immediately light and festive.

Gota jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
Gota jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

Test The Tassel
From furnishing to fashion, tassels sure have come a long way! Tassel jewellery is now a worldwide rage and we think they’ll work perfectly with your mehndi outfit. Not only are they playful, but also bring a quality of liveliness to the wearer, and also add a fun pop of personality to your look. Lightweight and colorful, they’re youthful and spunky.

Gota jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
Gota jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

Pretty in Paper
Fans of artsy beauty already know that paper quilling and origami have a range of functions well beyond craft classes. But can they be dressed up enough for a wedding? we say yes! Meticulously created, paper jewellery can make for dainty additions to any bridal ensemble. If your look is contemporary and you want something super specifically customised for you, this is the medium you’re looking for.

Gota jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
Gota jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

Fabric Fiesta
The best part about fabric jewellery is the range of fabrics you can play with. Silk, felt, cotton, lace, velvet - each can be used to bring their own unique personalities to jewellery that complements or contrasts with the bride’s clothes not just in color and design but also in actual texture and look. And every element of nature can be replicated - including flowers! Except, these flowers will never fade.

fabric jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
fabric jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

Catch-up With Crochet
Possibly the cutest of the lot, crochet jewellery is a dream come true for all the brides with a soft corner for bohemian aesthetics. With the boho trend gaining popularity, crochet has not only seen a resurgence but has also undergone a modern-day transformation. Today woven ornaments can be seen in a several variations and match a lively personality like no other.

Crochet jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
Crochet jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

Mood for Mirrors
Mirrored jewellery has a strong ethnic lineage and will reflect your excellent taste in all things quirky too. Usually popular during Navratri, these ornaments are familiar but can be used in surprisingly versatile ways during your wedding. Not only do they add a refreshing, festive perspective to your shringaar, they also catch the light in the most attractive way.

Mirror jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
Mirror jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

Beads Indeed
Beaded jewellery is said to have its roots in the Indus Valley Civilization! To brides who love history, wearing beaded ornaments may sound like an interesting way of incorporating elements with a fascinating trivia about olden times into their ensemble. With the sort of variety available in colors, styles and even the material they’re made of - wood, plastic, crystal, acrylic, cloth, metal - even if you’re not a history buff, you can create your own unique look and combinations with beaded ornaments.

Beads jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry
Beads jewellery - Bridal Floral Jewelry

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