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Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Gujarati Bride

Adorned with gemstones, Kundan work, & floral motifs, a modern Gujarati bride’s jewellery blends tradition, trends & personal tastes.

Bulgari Mangalsutra
When it comes to weddings, Gujaratis are renowned for their lavish celebrations. With festivities stretching over days, and each function livelier than the one preceding it, a Gujarati wedding is an affair that shouldn’t be missed at all costs! Equally memorable is the Gujarati bride who looks resplendent in her red and cream Panetar or Bandhani Garchola saree and exquisite gold jewellery. There are some exquisite pieces that set a Gujarati bride’s bling trousseau apart from others. If you’re a Gujarati bride, here’s a quick jewellery guide so you can look authentic and distinctive.

Gujrati brodePhotos Courtesy: Noopur Choksi

Baju Bandh:
With vivid and detailed meenakari work embossed on its surface, this adjustable gold armlet is the symbol of traditional luxury and rests snugly on the Gujarati bride’s upper arm.

Baju Bandh
Baju Bandh

Photos Courtesy: Exclusively

An accessory unique to Gujarati brides, the damani rests on the bride’s head and is a variant of the popular mathapatti. With loops that connect back to the hair from a central chain, this accessory is typically encrusted with precious stones.


Photos Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project (left), Dream Diaries (right)

Kundan Butti:
A pair of kundan encrusted earrings with chains that are attached to the head to support them, the kundan butti is an instant statement maker.

Kundan Butti
Kundan Butti

Photos Courtesy: Anita Dongre (left); The Storyteller (right)

A variant of the immensely popular kamar bandh (waist belt), the kandora not only holds the bride’s luxurious saree together but also emphasizes her curves.

KandoraPhotos Courtesy: poshjewelsbypurvi

Chandan Haar:
A heavy gold necklace that is one of the boldest in the Gujarati bride’s jewellery box, the chandan haar is usually paired with matching earrings. It is also perceived as a symbol of prosperity.

Chandan Haar
Chandan Haar

Photos Courtesy: Dev Purbiya Photography (Left); Lin & Jirsa (right)

Kundan Bangdi:
A bangle encrusted with exquisite kundan work, a pair of kundan bangdi glimmers brightly on the bride’s wrists and pairs well with all traditional ensembles.

Kundan Bangdi
Kundan Bangdi

Photos Courtesy: Art Carat (left); CH Jewellers (right)

Similar to the popular ‘kada,’ (chunky bracelet), the patla is a gem-studded creation that is worn by the bride along with her other bangles.

PatlaPhoto Courtesy: The Storyteller

These red and white bangles are a gift to the bride from her mother-in-law. She cannot see these before her wedding day. A choodla set is considered an essential part of the Gujarati bride’s jewelry box.


Photos Courtesy: Aanal Savaliya (left); Pixnova (right)

A delicate anklet that is tied around the bride’s ankle before she enters the mandap, the todi not only has ritualistic importance, but is also preferred for its delicate appearance.


Photos Courtesy: Samreen Vance (left); Fairytale Productions (right)

Forged out of gold and encrusted with gemstones, this headgear is unique to Gujarati brides and features drop beads that caress her forehead.


Photos Courtesy: Fotocreation Photography (left); Pinterest (right)

Similar to the hand ornament that is extremely popular all over the subcontinent of India, the pocha unites a gold ring and bracelet together with a fine gold chain, and is sometimes also studded with precious gemstones.


Photos Courtesy: Deepika’s Deep Clicks (left); Morvi Images (right)

A gold necklace with a luxurious antique finish, the dodi boasts of intricate meenakari and kundan work on the surface which makes it an instant favorite amongst the Gujarati brides. Additionally, this necklace is also accompanied by matching earrings to complete the set.


Photos Courtesy: Heather Cook Elliott Photography (left); Sandeep Gadhvi Photography & Films (right)

Here’s a list of stores where you can find Gujarati jewellery to suit your tastes:
Harit Zaveri Jewellers
Zaveri and Co 
KalaMandir Jewellers
Shilpa Lifestyle
Om Jewellers
Chheda Jewellers

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