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Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Kashmiri Bride

From delicate and long gold dejhoor earrings to a heavy kaskar, a Kashmiri Pandit bride’s jewelry exudes raw beauty.

Nestled amidst snow-capped peaks and lush Himalayan flora and fauna, Kashmir has a lot to boast about. The Kashmiri brides are famed for their unique style, especially their jewelry. Making full use of silver and gold this bride’s jewelry box contains one-of-a-kind design pieces that reflect her region’s traditions.

So if you’re a bride from Kashmir looking to go for a traditional look for your big day, here’s a quick jewelry guide to help you make the best choices.

Pierced through the top ends of the ears’ upper cartilage, the dejhoor is worn by married Kashmiri Pandit women and is a symbol of their marital status. Consisting of ‘Aath’, a thin gold chain that replaces the red thread after the marriage ceremony and ‘Athoor’, a fringed ornament that accompanies a hexagonal-shaped gold dejhoor, these iconic earrings are worn by every Kashmiri Pandit bride.

Kashmiri Brides Photos Courtesy: Aadyaa and Rippy Koul

Crafted out of gold, these bangles are thick and are sported by brides along with other bangles.

Kashmiri Brides Photos Courtesy: khandar Studio

A bold and thick gold bangle, the gunu is forged out of gold and boasts of an animal head design where both ends meet.

Kashmiri Brides Photos Courtesy: Sneha Badam and Iryum

Here’s a list of stores where you can find Kashmir Pandit jewelry to suit your taste and style:

Tara Singh Jewellers
Paisley Pop Shop
Kashmir Box
Hollywood Ornaments
Farco Jewellers

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